Biggest Cnut on Arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, May 5, 2005.

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  1. It's polling day across the land so, as a break from all the excitement, here's your chance to vote for who you think is the biggest cnut on-site.

    All votes are anonymous, but feel free to answer the exit poll if you like... who did you vote for & why? :lol:
  2. Voted for Mooch. Seem to remember him being a tool. The rest are also tools but not quite on the scale of that nudger.
  3. I would vote but your name is not there Jack :lol: I did vote for mooch though :twisted: I stand corrected, coat get leaving
  4. Mooch, CNUT, end of story

    You also forgot to put w@nker, spunk gargler and botty bandit next to his name as well
  5. 4th from top, mate - you wanna borrow one of my spare IDs to re-cast?? :lol:
  6. My glasses are now on. Thank you for pointing that out :lol:
  7. Have you seen the Game "the regiment" thread.....say no more !

    IMO, I think he loves the stick...gets off on it.
  8. Mooch has made a return to this site so I expect him to suddenly race into a resounding lead in this poll. Read one or two of his posts and you will realise what a smug, unfunny tw@t he is.
  9. Which one of you cnuts voted for my Anya?

    Come on. Pistols at dawn for infringing a ladies honour.
  10. I think the result of this is about as predictable (unfortunately :evil: :evil: ) as the General Election, only one candidate and he is romping home....
  11. It's more like a popularity contest...

    I did not make the list and I AM a Cnut!

  12. I have to agree with you there helly :wink:
  13. All but MDN, Cait and Corps. The rest on the list are a bunch of dullards taking up bandwidth.
  14. Mooch. Reminds me of the Lib Dems:

    1. Makes comments that a wet lettuce would be embarassed over.
    2. Obviously has no sense of humour.
    3. Takes everything far to seriously.
    4. Pleads to admin for his post tally to be increased to 'big up' his percieved status.
    5. Is a to55er.

    The only differences:

    1. I will vote for him.
    2. Mooch will win this poll.

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  15. It just aint your day eh mooch? :lol: