Biggest cause of failures at RTMC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Per title - anyone know?
  2. I thought it was dental, medical then fitness - just from word of mouth etc
  3. They are not trained to play the trumpet properly?
  4. Have a colouring page, cheeky boy

  5. From when I went through there many many years ago it was dental then medical, no one was dropped due to fitness but I believe things have changed drastically since then (2000 for Op Palatine)
    Back then the fitness tests were only attendance pass, it would be your units problem to sort you out when you got to theatre
  6. A few blokes I know are going through this week, they have not had any dental checkups I dont know when they stopped doing any dental checks but it must be pretty recent.
  7. You need a letter from your own dentist to state that you are dentally fit, but excessive trumpeters need only turn up with trumpet or bugle, sometimes french horn is acceptable.
  8. Does reveilie on my iPhone count?
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  10. Can you play the benny hill tune on a bugle? Should be a new MATT methinks
  11. Fat Knackers that cant shoot?
  12. Oddly, more Regs fail the WHTs than TA.
  13. Still doesnt disprove my post?
  14. Still doesn't try to.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The only guaranteed way to fail at RTMC is by failing the medical - the dental inspection is no longer carried out.

    After that it is virtually impossible to fail the non-physical MATTs as the DS will coach/assist/retest/give you the answers until you pass. The physical tests are virtually irrelevant unless your TA unit or regular receiving unit deem them to be so. Anyone else can/will be "taken at risk" if their unit wants them to go, and the receiving unit is that desperate for a warm body, no matter how useless they may be.

    The prime example on my course was the Female AGC (SPS) Cpl from a Scottish Field hospital who was incapable of passing a WHT without every single action being carried out on a walk through/talk through basis, failed the PFT (twice), was off in the first mile of the CFT and had a ND on the range and yet was still mobilised for service. Her BMI would have been well into the obese range, so even the medical aspect is in question. To add insult to injury she gobbed off throughout the entire process paying no attention what so ever, managed to avoid being charged for her ND by deploying the default defence of bursting into tears and was still happy to go on the lash the night before the CFT and feel no shame about jacking before anyone else had even broken sweat.

    In short, RTMC is no form of quality control organisation. It just highlights how useless some people are as a parallel process to sorting out their kit issue and pay.