Biggest arrse of an RSM.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Following on from the biggest minger in the Corps, and NWST Persec, who was the biggest tool of a Badge that you ever served under.

    I had the pleasure of "enjoying" the leadership of over 20 of the fine upstanding men ( and women ) and I have to say that it is a close call between two RSMs at 16.

    First one S**** T*** was there in 94. He was an arrse crawling tool that was only interested in getting his commission ( and he did ). His biggest contribution was the rebuilding of the Wall in JHQ......and the RSM there in 2000 when they moved to Elmpt, who instigated the piping or bugling up and down of the Regimental flag, and also was in the business of attempting to acquire a Regimental Goat. Thick as mince.....

    I am interested to hear of other Atmosphere Hoovers and their fantastic ideas....
  2. The bloke that took over at 8 Bde in 99? and got sacked 3 days later probably felt like a bit of an arrse...............
  3. Not sigs but surely no Sigs RSM/CSM could out-tool a certain ex RCT CSM at Heidelberg in 94-96. Wanted to punch my light out, gave him the chance but he bottled it.
  4. I don't understand the reason for a thread that asks a question but is then afraid to give an answer.
  5. The joys of an ex blah guy who was RQMS at 216 until 2003 then posted to 21SR as RSM, chopper and a half. Anyone who knows who I'm on about will know he's Scottish but for the love of me I can't remember his name. Pulled rank down town on yours truly shortly after arriving, swiflty followed by a 'meeting' in his office on the friday and a two yr promotion ban ensued... C0CK
  6. If the tit of an SSM of 2 Sqn, 30 Sigs around 92/93 ever made RSM, then him. Cock. Every member of the squadron was of pretty much the same opinion. We had our reasons :)
  7. 15 Sigs, 93-?. Can't remember his name but was always pissd, once (at least) drove home pissd in his mess kit (his quarter was off garrison). Still got his commission (CO was a throbber too!). Would back down if challenged though, especially if what he was being challenged about occurred when he had been pissd in the mess on a Friday. :twisted:
  8. Ah yes, remember him well. Didn't we have some fun with him, especially your unit - as you remember, I had the huge privilege of being on strength in his regiment, while you were in a co-resident outfit.

    R** C****. Had the ability to swap places with his missus between the blue lights coming on and the RMP reaching the driverside window. LOVED non-Signals people as well and didn't quite understand the concept of a Garrison Mess.
  9. How could he get APC to prevent you from being promoted unless you were formally 252'd for something disciplinary? Or do you mean he basically screwed you over on the Regt grading board?
  10. If you remember I actually started off on posted strength at 15 before tootling off over the road. I had a run in with him shortly after arriving as a staffy. He gobbed off at me in the mess toilets one Friday night and I had an interview without coffee on the Monday morning (arranged by Norman :D ) and he apologised to ME! Still a throbber though!
  11. So you did. Norman, a complete star and now making a living as an artist in Glasgow, of all places.

    Incidentally, I can now reveal, fifteen years later, that the night the RMP stuck RSM 15 on, some wicked so and so who was GOSS had tipped them off when he was leaving camp and what the pax configuration was in his vehicle.
  12. His name is G***** S**** and to be honest he was a decent bloke as RQ at 216.

    Admittedly he could dish out a decent bollocking but they were mainly aimed at the young toms who thought the world owed them a favour.

    Were you one of those toms who thought they could trash his basha at Caythorpe "for a laugh" and have the naivety to assume there would be nothing said?
  13. What about the RSM at 21 Sigs Circa 83-85 went to the octoberfest with his wifw and blue job freinds. Got pi55ed, naturally, and the blue job F/Sgt and his wife he was with. The F/Sgt proceeded to touch his (RSM's) wife where she wee's. The RSM decided he was unhappy about this, so smashed the stein glass he had in his hand, over the F/Sgt's head/face. His name was G***f. Funnily enough, he didn't commission.
  14. I was formally charged for 'fighting' in town. Funnily enough on the same night he pulled rank, conincidental......
  15. Ahhh...sounds like the old "Section 69" scenario - basically anything they can think of. Stepping on the cracks in the pavement,, gobbing on the rgeimental goat etc. :(