Biggest Age Gap!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. I was 20 & She was 60, but had a body a 50 year old would be proud of!
    Went out with her for 6 months and learnt a lot!
    We did it everywhere & anywhere we could.
    Ended up going out with her daughters friend who was fitter & only 25!

    Cant go past an old shape nissan micra without get a touch of a hard on.
    Thinking about how did we fuck in a car that small!
  2. Easy, she had you on all fours on the front seats while she stood outside shagging your ass with her stapon whilst spanking you and screaming 'Who's you're daddy, biatch'!!!
  3. If you going to insult me at least use the spell checker first!
    What the feck is a "biatch"?
  4. While we're at it what is a 'stapon'?
  5. Well, I've just made you mine with that question. You're not down with the kids in the hood are you, sweetie?

    Urban Dictionary: biatch
  6. And I'm your biatch now, at least you could spot the real spelling mistake unlike the OP...

    Any more spelling nazis wanna piece of my mighty-fine biatch ass?
  7. A "stapon" is a bit like a "strapon", only spelled incorrectly. As an example, I regularly strap Nick Clegg to my member with duck tape. The girls love it.
  8. Counselling is available from your local Department Community Mental Health team.........I doubt very many of us are qualified to advise you, or even care about your sordid past.
  9. Are you from Alabama?
  10. Is that so you can give them a 'liberal' seeing to..... boom, tisch.

    I'm here til Wednesday, try the fish!
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  11. did you get rid of her adult nappy first? when you fucked in the micra did she break a hip? did she have werthers? blue hair? colostomy bag?

    Any piccies?

    these questions need answers. the people have a right to know....
  12. Jesus Homeboy Christ, and I thought I was a fuckin' deviant... Just how desperate must you have been to think that was a good idea?! Was she the first thing you saw after getting out of prison? A fiver says her dried-up old clacker looked like an ostrich-skin handbag.

    <sarcasm>Really, fitter than a 60-year-old? Fuck my arse, say it isn't so.</sarcasm>
  13. 17 each way.
  14. Hang about - the penny's just dropped. The OP's actually telling us how he lost his virginity. It's true, isn't it? No bird would let you put your doodle inside her tuna-tunnel until you were twenty and even then the best you could do was a blue-rinsed coffin-dodger. Call me a cunt if I'm right. :thumright:
  15. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sure many people have looked at their grandmothers and wondered how on earth they got jiggy with Granpops.

    There really is no need to work it out, though.