Biggest admin vortex

who would you rate as the biggest aac corps vortex of all time? the pira sub hunter?? give us your nominations
Not being able to give names on here can be a shame

Although I think youll be hard pushed to find a bigger plank that the Beltfedfisherman ;D
news just in..........duty rumour has it that 3 regt sunray got to south cerney minus 1x s10 respirator :Dcould come in useful in the forthcoming months ;)

Leader of men eh ;D

Bet that filled the Regiment with confidence ;D
Talking about respirators

Pre Bosnia training 94 with 664

Turned Blobbies and OC664s respirator inlet valve the other way round. laugh I nearly shat when they cried gas gas gas on the range ;D


the award has to go to that swearing mockney in the MTWO office at 4. Sure I saw an Airtrooper doing his shoelaces the other day.
9 reg in 95...RSM was driven to brize and dropped off for flight to visit the Mob in Bosnia.

Came back the next morning......he'd forgotten his passport!
The CO 3 left his AR5 kit behind, not his respirator. Come on gentlemen, this is our leader you are all giving grief to. so stop it. As  for the biggest admin vortex how about the pilot who went down to the airport for a flight out to Kenya. He also left his passport behind, so was asked to pay for his own flight to Africa. Nice one.
how about the old co's driver from 1? left a shooter in the naafi in sennelager and put a signal on top of the car so she could get the door open....... need i say more? :D  oh yeah then got sacked for scaring the co.
a certain lance jack (1 regt) now full screw in 4 comd tp deserves a mention as well. on route to set up a manpack rebro at night, all going well on the route out until said leader of men came across a 'river'. decided to tab down the river to find a suitable crossing point. walked 4 k's downstream then saw a bedford 'floating' past on the river!!! stupid tw@t got a tad confused with the moonlight shining on the road! by the way 4 comd tp - he's scottish.


Just to keep you in the loop bigglesworth......sunray forget his AR5, washkit and body armour.....what are you, his keeper?
By the way, how's the staff car? ;D
Marmalad, what the hell are you talking about "hows the staff car", do you think you know me.

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