BIGGER THINGS - the CofC should be worrying about

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, May 17, 2013.

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  1. It appears to me that every time some basic military rule or regulation upsets someone they start bleating about how the CofC should be worrying about 'bigger things'. Some examples of things the CofC should not be worrying about for instance are:

    Dress - in or out
    Dress - up or down
    Side burns - Long or short
    Parades - Why bother
    Capbadge - over the Left eye for hats and puffs
    Room Inspections - archaic
    AGAI 67 -against me uman rites
    Helmets - to scrim or not to scrim
    Dress - mixed when shopping
    Hands in pockets

    In fact every time someone gets told to do something to do with basic military discipline that they don't like it would appear that the 'grown ups' should leave them alone in their anarchic nirvana and go and focus on the 'bigger things'. I therefore beg on the sages of ARRSE to enlighten me on the bigger things. I will start with:

    MTP Bomber Jacket (RAF style) - I have always liked the just slightly too short look of those damn things.

    Bed folding service - for a personal touch for the single soldier at night.

    Valet/Car Parking service - the car parks are always the other end of camp, it would be handy if we employed someone to park mine for me.

    Pick an Mix uniform - For that individual touch, DE&S should put their finest to work on thi concept ( or just speak to the RAF.

    Any more, only big issues mind, worthy of the CofC ^~
  2. Pick and mix uniform? The Int Corps have been doing that for years...


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  3. Sgts' Mess seating plans, the adults should come up with a strategy for the formal dinner seating plan ^~

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I think you're all being terribly unfair, why, only today they've opted to paint everything the most divine shade of brown. You're all ungrateful beasts...
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  5. I picked up my new MTP waterproofs today and 1. They look Australian? 2. There is definitely PINK in the colouring.

    Or have I just failed the new Isihara Colour Perception Test?(Now a function of the QMs since the Medical Centres were all contracted out to SSAFA-a charity).
  6. You know the rule, The ink must still be wet when the starter is being served.

    If the ink is dry, several changes will have to be made at infrequent intervals in the last 6 hours before the gong rings.
  7. Yep, some good points but you've missed out

    Sangar Sentry - What's wrong with sleeping?
    NDs - If I have to carry my weapon everywhere in BSN what the fuck do you expect? :wink:
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  8. From a civvy perspective,

    I can only think of two things at the moment.
    Troops should be able to send back a trophy weapon or three from warzones and get it deactivated whenever they remember to, fuck all the red tape.

    Wife and kids should be allowed to jump on a plane with a TV camera crew and make surprise visits to front line troops, great morale booster and just think of the TV footage. There's gotta be money in that!!!
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  9. Boots and boot polishing! Why can't they wear trainers, much easier to run in and dayglo colours would enhance night ops.
    Also they're only going to get dirty again, so why not go for the building site look?
  10. Medals- why did Private Johnson who did 5 years get a QDJM, but I with my 4 years, 364 days service didn't? I want a medal! Give me a medal now!

    I joined the forces, I want a NDM! Give me a NDM, I feel pathetic without it stood next to people who have loads of medals on their chests!

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  11. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    I doubt it.
  12. Very true mate, like how can we put up with soldiers in the same unit wearing different coloured boots? ;-)
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  13. Wait until we go tucked in again and 'encourage' everyone to start obtaining stable belts :)