Great! Just what everyone in the Corp wants.............Smaller LAD'S and larger Battalions. (NOT) :(

Is this just another scheme for for DEME(A) to try and piss us all off? :twisted:

Or am i the only one out there that enjoys a posting to an LAD?

Bigger LAD'S and smaller Bns I say!!!!!
I thought the idea of this place was to creat some thought provoking discussions, not make statemnets that everyone is going to agree with? Why not pick on some poor tradesmen who has'nt got a carreer profile or future, salt of the earth though.
411 in a REME BN if there all there, not biffed or tasked elsewhere to cater for the biffs who can't deploy in the other Bn's. FRT's assisting 1st line units in repair more vehicles needed to cater for this whole fleet management of eqpts new IT systems that are arrse. Any one think of anything else that is going pear shaped?
Anyone with half an ounce of Common sense will realise that the 411 Bn initiative, is nothing more than a DEME (A) COVER UP for a Corp that is ridiculously undermanned and overworked!

Ill eat my shorts, if by next October the Bn i am with has got 411 Personnel! NO CHANCE.

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