Bigbird67's got some competition....Woman want's to be the fattest.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Holy f*ck!! Why would you...mind you her sisters shagable tho...

    While trying to find a photo,I found she has a website.. - From BBW to SSBBW to BIGGEST EVER! article-2026964-0D75EADE00000578-420_306x423.jpg

  2. She deserves to burst.
  3. I'd do them both, the fatty 1st though, it would mean I'd last longer for the much better sister.
  4. I'd use the sister as a johnny to make sure I could touch the sides of the behemoth's cavernous clunge... :nod:
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  5. It'd require the GDP of a small country to buy enough talc to find the wet bit, surely?
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Good grief!! she needs to be rubbed in butter and rolled back into the sea, the poor stranded whale!!! send the stupid cow to Ethiopia, they would make use of her!! she would solve the famine, or create a new one!!
  8. I reckon you would have to stand in front of it, grab a handful of piss flap in each hand and ram your whole leg right up her heaving, fat, crusty minge, just to give her a sensation. I hope the fat cunt explodes.

    Id definitely shag the sister though.
  9. gipping.....
  10. Good thinking. Nods head approvingly
  11. Actually feel sorry for this women as she has severe mental problems. All she is doing is eating herself into an early grave, not thinking of her children. The other problem is what to do with her corpse when she dies, probably sooner rather than later, as there must be doubt as to whether it would fit into a crematoria and would certainly not fit a standard graveyard plot.
  12. would never have guessed she was a fecking septic. :-(
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  13. Some one can't do the math's. The picture of the Boy's has them 16 and 12. The baby posed shot is dated 1988, see the issue?

    She is a light weight, one pan of brownies. Really, REALLY?
  14. Is that worse than gopping?

    Can I fick you up your shotter?