Bigamist Ex-Soldier Gets Suspended Jail Sentence

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PoisonDwarf, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. I read in my local news that an ex-member of our glorious corps has been done for bigamy. Anyone know him?

  2. nearly as much as that Taliban dentist guy who's serving 12 months for attempted terrorism :)
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Bet it was NI not Portugal too.... :wink:
  4. what exactly is that going to achieve?
  5. Aye, Lisbon! Nice one, just popping down the Lisbon road myself actually!

    T C
  6. Maybe the trackers will know which wifey he's heading for :D :lol: :D
  7. That's probably why she couldn't find him to serve her papers!

  8. How the fock can you not find someone in the army, just send mail through the MCM Div! Sounds like some bulox there.
  9. Sounds feasible. There is a NATO HQ there Clicky some of my illustrious Corps get posted there. Nearest I got was Lisburn!

  10. I think you might be right, if its the bloke im thinking about, he went to the MT, 2 Sigs after a tour in the NI. And i just spoke to him the other day, funnily enough, he never mentioned this. But he did move to richmond after leaving. Interesting. Maybe someone who knows me might be able to confirm. :?:
  11. Billy!! It is the same man!! Admin nightmare, he was the one he shot at cars with an air rifle from the block window!
  12. Two interesting notes on this:

    1. If he married in Wentworth Bks, Herford, that means he or she is Catholic, as that is where the Catholic Church is. The CofE one is in Hammersmith Bks. So I should imagine he did have to fill in a lot of forms being 'supposedly' divorced.

    2. He married his second wife in the middle of Oct 06 and they separated in Dec 06. What!

    Doesn't sound right to me.
  13. Believe me nothing much sounds right in relation to this bloke. 8O
  14. Fair one. I thought it was him!! Little fatherless, never mentioned a thing about it the other day on the phone. He is living with another lad from the MT now, in Richmond. Little Scottish liney by the name of 'Jono'.

    Might have to give old spence a quick call later, tell him hes famous!!! And mention that i didnt realise he went to portugal!! Jonny-two-poos!!

  15. Does anyone think that getting tagged for bigamy is a bit harsh ? The judge pretty much admitted that he did not do it for any gain etc.