Big Winnie From Warminster

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Magician, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Right Guys,

    Here we go, does anyone that ever attended the School of Infantry in Warminster in the late 70's and early to mid 80's remember Big Winnie a local lass.

    I am sure the AC DC song “Whole Lotta Rosie” was base based on this Legendary Camp follower.

    Someone told me it there was an “Urban Myth” that she once kidnapped a Ghurkha and held him Captive at her house for four days (Long Weekend) where she sh*gged the life out of him, the poor wee guy was AWOL for a day and was almost RTU’d.
    This is no Urban Myth it actually happened I was on my RSI Course at the same time as he was on a SAA Course (I think) poor wee Kant lost aboot a stone.

    She used to drink in the following Ale House’s praying on drunken squaddies:

    The Bell

    The King Arthur (And the Camelot at the back)

    Anyone have any memories of this character?


  2. Not first hand but, in the early 90's she seemed to still be going strong, if you listened to the blokes.
  3. I seem to remember someone who matches the description (big girl with short hair? - also used to drink in the Grapes?).

    If it is the same person IIRC she lived in Trowbridge but went hunting for squaddies in Warminster. I saw her ply a Para on his RSI course with drink in early 1980. She got him pissed (which didn't take much effort but you needed some Dutch courage to take her on!) and then threw him in a taxi before climbing in after him.

    Fair play to the lass - she wanted a shag and went where she knew she'd get one. One of the lads on my RSI course was knocking off one of her mates and he took the both of them back to camp one night...but that's another story...


  4. I think her mate must have lived in Bordon in the very early 70s. Either that or they went to the same shagin' school. Dimaond Lil (I think) used to prey on the drunk trainees unfortunate enough to wander into the Empire Club. Never had the experience personally but my mate got trapped by her one weekend and said that slipping her one was like throwing a banana in the back of a 4 tonner!

    Where is she now I wonder? :?
  5. Ah memories of Warminster, it was my first posting on leaving depot in 88. I did specify my first preferance posting to our 3rd Battalion who were based in Gib at the time - but ended up in Demo Bn carrying out pointless tasks for the School of Inf because the were short of blokes :-(

    Used to hear horror stories from the old sweats about 'Warminster Winnie' but never did cast eyes on her. I always thought she was an urban myth as well.
  6. I never had the pleasure Of Warminster or the (dubious) pleasure of Big Winnie but I do know a few who took advantage of Big Edna from Andover's generous nature.

    And the hairlip and the cleft palat didn't seem to put them off.
  7. Kneeling on top..??...'n' whats up..??.. lost touch with your 'Mum'
  8. Im sure she was still kicking about the the bath arms and i remember she was pointed out in another boozer i was in , i think it was called route 66 i dunno i was malkyed

    this was back in 2004
  9. Fuckin èll..................I`m gonna have bad bad dreams now....there are things better left unremembered

    RSI Course many Moons ago....Big Winnie took a shine to my Sproggish good looks (sic!) and I spent the next eight weeks avoiding let me rephrase that - I spent the next eight weeks in Mortal fear of life and limb - She almost had me once...pinned me to the pool table in the Bath Arms but I managed to squiggle away - Luckily for me she preyed on some other poor bastard (a greenjacket as I remember) and so the last 2 weeks were fairly normal.

    bad memories......shudder,,,,,,,,,
  10. As I may have to go to the school of fools next month any ideas which pub now? :safe:
  11. I started a thread on this when I first joined ARRSE, but it died a death then as well :)

    Big Whinnie whinny or whatever.....

    The first time I saw her, was in one of those watering holes, damned if I can remember which one, big white building on the corner of a main drag anyway.

    I was attached to the woofers, who were res Bn at the time, for a course of some sort???? anyway, one of the lads i was there with, told me he had met some old slapper, and was due to meet her that night in this pub.

    We sat at the bar having a drink, and in walks this "woman" with a gaggle of followers, all weighing 3 times less than she did at least.
    One comes up to the bar to get drinks, while W stands at a fruit machine, at this point, can I point the readers to the film, "Close encounters of the third kind"
    Especially to the bit when the light is shining up from the end of the road???

    The fruit machine was giving off light, but was not to be seen, due to W standing in front of it.

    To cut a long story short, he went off with it, and I assume did the deed, as he was a waste of space for the rest of the course.

    I did hear she was done for kidnap later in life, of some poor squaddie, apparently she kept him in her house for a few days, how true that is is anyone guess, but after seeing her, I would take it as a very possible.
  12. She was on a par with "The Horse" from Aldershot, i did my RSIs in Warminster but we never became intimate, unlike the Demo battallion, the Woofers,who improved our BFT times.
  13. 2 things

    1 do tell your other story
    2 she must be knocking 60 by now surely she isn't still 'praying' on squaddies

  14. Late 50's at most surely?
  15. Assuming she was 20 in 1970, she could have been an early starter, 2010 is 40 years later i thought that would make 60 but then I went to a comp school so what would I know