Big week dates

...or something. I heard theres a three (?) week thingy where by I can finish of my basic off all at once around July, I didn't pay much attention as it didnt seem possible, but now im changing jobs, I may be able to time it just so. Im in a south london unit if thats any help.

Does anyone have the dates? As Id like to get things in motion to say yes next Tuesday if possible.
There's a five week cadre (EX Summer Challenge) at the end of the month (24th June to 28th July) run by 4 Div RTC(SE). It is my understanding that recruits may undertake the two-week (basic) training with the option of continuation training if available.

I don't think there are any open spaces left, and any bids needed to be in by Friday of last week.

You're better off speaking to your Unit ASAP rather than waiting until next week, as you may at the very least, still be able to get on the reserves list.

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