Big Vern on TV

I'm just watching, with open mouth, Big Vern Rees running a holiday camp in the C4 programme "Wakey Wakey Campers".

Shame this is the last in the series.

I still have a combat jacket with my course report on the back, written by Big Vern.

One word, "Cnut".
Ah "Vern DOP's" I didnt get a course report as he RTUd me...........

Boot polished his binos when I returned.

Midget Foker
On a course I was on, he taught us how to judge crest clearance by the "sieg heil" method.

Bit of a prob when the German exchange officer found us in a clearing laying out a gun position, looking like a rerun of the Nuremburg rallies .. .

I also remember him telling a couple of lads on the Adv OPA cse they would fail 'cause their BC was a cnut. He was right, on both counts.
pensionpointer said:
Was he selling them Barbour jackets and "reasonably priced" tailored suits?


Arrghh the suits! Does my memory play tricks or did this tailoring business bring together Vern and J___ P____ one of the great characters from the HAC?

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