Big up for the Rozzers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    I spent some time at the home of an elderly man with Alzheimer’s Disease. He had been missing from home for a good few hours on two occasions recently. I had suggested to his daughter and son-in-law that I could help them develop some tactics with us (the local police) to deal with the problem.


    He was a really nice old boy and had served in the Kings African Rifles during World War Two. His daughter and son-in-law were decent people. I had a strong sense that I was doing my duty in a meaningful way. There was a photo of him with his mates in the jungle somewhere in the 1940’s on the mantle.
  2. It beats me why you do the job, common sense, justice and fair play are things of the past. The friendly beat bobby is gone. Targets are all, If I defend myself I'll be done, If I step in to protect someone I'm in danger of being done, I'm an easy target. What I should do is stop paying tax, lose my job, take up drugs and become "sick". Then the full force of the state will swing in my favour.
  3. Good on Gadget, exactly the sort of thing the plod should be doing, but seem to be actively discouraged from by their SMTs.

    Interesting website, and the book is a good read (so long as you don't mind gnashing your teeth every other paragraph).
  4. I dont remeber you coming round to my house young man wibble...who are you, your not getting your thieving hands on my pension you know, I didnt die in two world wars for nothing you know
  5. To be honest, this sort of thing generally flies under the RADAR - we do pop in to see how people are donig, offer a bit of crime advice, reassure the old lady who got mugged and see if she needs anything and so on.... believe it or not we do have a little bit of discretion... you just get to hear about it - you hear about the absurd situations we have (of which there are many).

    The problem is doing the nice "local bobby" thing is really appreciated by the public but it doesn't generate any papework, so at the end of a shift "you've done nothing" - so unfortunately its a rare luxery.
  6. But that sums up the whole problem the people have with the police. Police accountants can't measure crime that's been prevented, and therefore never happened. They can measure responses to crime that has already happened, and the attendant paperwork. So it becomes desireable to allow crime to happen, and then clear it up, rather than get out on the streets preventing crime.

    In our village the children point and stare when they see a policeman walking through, because it happens so rarely. They don't notice when they see them driving through at 30mph (our weekly 45 seconds of crime prevention).
  7. I don't suppose any of them ask for an effective police force and a competent judicial system, perchance?

    Anyway, shouldn't you be out catching real criminals - speeders doing 32 in a 30 and vicious apple-core dumping scum, etc.?
  8. The cop programes on telly are giving the police a bad name or rather the thames valley police are giving the police a bad name.

    Is it realy 100% neccesary to go howling through the streets of Guildford etc at 90mph wearing shades, having cropped hair and having half a ton of bathroom fittings hanging off a stab vest, a helicopter, dog handler and 3 other fast response cars just to catch a bail jumper.....NO

    Talk about playing to the camera's, those guys are a bunch of fukin dicks who need to go back to Hendon or wherever and start again..any wonder people are pished off with the telly police.
    Dont get me wrong please, the police do a great job and I support them all the way, it's the possers like the afore mentioned (they will be in every force)they need to be knocked down a peg or five and get out of the fast cars now and again (god forbid most are probably ex squaddies)
  9. Why do people no longer understand that "doing nothing" means that you have done your job? Such a simple concept... or are people too simple to see that?

    Never mind... I know, I'm simple... :x
  10. I was lucky enough to get pulled by a certain jock "TV Star" traffic cop up in Humberside Constabulary for drink driving, I was busting for a wazz and he objected to the fact i wanted to go round the corner so I calmly said "Boot it like you do on the telly or the backseat is getting it" he duely agreed that to get me to the nick pronto was a good option! lol
  11. I'm not sure which part of that sentence I find most disturbing!

    As an aside, my bird doesn't understand why I cry with laughter when they set the landsharks on some little chav. Pure telly gold, I tell you.
  12. There is a six foot 6 + giant copper in a small village in Hampshire, first time I saw him I thought he was in fancy dress.

    He refuses to wear body armour and patrols in an old school jacket/smock type (dixon of dock green) thing with ribbon bars on. Apparently refuses to go down the modern route and is a very effective and highly respected community copper in the old manner
  13. The Essex police one about interceptors (Subaru and Evolutions) is good. The police come across as efficient without being officious. They have a sense of humour and seem to do a good job.
  14. It's called irony, yes I did something wrong and I know that and to be fair, I am more than all for do the crime do the time.
    However as all of us you do have to go into self preservation mode in such situations, not just being gripped by the fuzz.
    It was a fair cop guv as they say, and as such you might as well relax and start contemplating that you might as well face it you are goin to get a grilling, some of these people that kick off and rant and rave only make it worse for themselves. Making light of an offence that is so bad as havin a little bit over is bad, but other offences that we brethren see as a good giggle are not, come on man get a grip. The point I was making was that I was pulled by one of these gentlemen of the law and we to be fair had a good crack, he was only doin his job. I bet you're one of those "but what if" people! But for the grace of god.. I can see your halo from here!!!!
    That old lady you passed the other day drawing 100 quid out the cashpoint, you could of robbed her! did you? No, so quit the prejudice brigade eh ta
  15. The Essex police one about interceptors (Subaru and Evolutions) is good. The police come across as efficient without being officious. They have a sense of humour and seem to do a good job.

    Yea thats not bad, I lived in GRAYS for a while, that was and probably still is the car crime capital of the South
    They need a sense of humour in Essex god knows they deal with some class acts down there

    What grips my shite about the police is the over reaction to everthing
    If theres and accident they send 20 police cars and block the roads even more, throw in a few fire stations worth of Scania's and the odd ambulance and fuk me...lets all go and have a look..oops sorry forgot the helicopter, oh, and the air ambulance, oh dear, nearly didnt mention the Highways agency in their pretend police land cruisers..fuk me Im getting forgetfull, Carrilion the road repair team and the 2 or 3 recovery lorries

    Well that just about covers it, but I better mention the rapid response ambulance car that gets there before the ambulances and that great big yellow lorry with the flashing arrow boards..oh yea, and the emergency response twats whp put all the cones out to make sure no one crashes into the 3 mile tail back of emergency vehicles attending a 2 car shunt