Big trouble in Little Scousetown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hexitele, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. FFS, just because he calls himself Christopher Lee.

    'you're going to need the 22 Squadron' to deal with him. - What a Chod.
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  2. Judge should have jailed the cunt for contempt of court and to see how he liked the decor in nick. Freeloading fat shite.
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  3. I never thought he'd look like this:

  4. Did that say "29 stone"......thats this fat.

    What martial art was he a master of......chew jitsu....

    fat cunt....

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  5. 29 st, I bet its amazing seeing him do a "roundhouse" or "flying drop kick".

    Fuckin' Cockaneeee gone native.
  6. Imagine what could have happened if someone called him "Fella"...
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  7. Supposed to be a martial arts expert, denied one of the events as he was "down the gym". Then can't leave the house because of gout. Mmmm... smell of self igniting under garments?
  8. A cockney whoes gone native in Liverpool...

    Surely their should be a law or taboo against that sort thing.
  9. £1 is too much
  10. Is Sumo a Martial art?
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  11. Fair point. that.

    A nappy might just about fit.
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