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Big Timing for Old and Bold



'When I joined, battle preparation meant painting our arses blue...'

Any more favourites out there?
There are some well-worn ones:
'When chieftain was a rank not a tank'
When Pontius was still a pilot officer'
...but I wouldn't call them favourites.
Had these hurled at me by an old para SQMS when drew my kit for Granby

1. Backsliders like you cost us a bridge

2. Louch pole? fcuking louch pole? why do you think god gave you a hip?

Same fella later on

3. Can't means won't, won't means jail

4. Fall in on the road gents....I'll march you to the cookhouse, save you walking
firestarter said:
"Since Pontius was a pilot"
"Since Christ was a corporal"
Old Smudger joined when Hitler was a boy

I remember a right nobber in the RHF - he was a bit of a hard nut and a right bullying tw@t - bleached hair and designer jeans...you know the sort (I love me, who do you love?). He called my mate over and said "hey wee man...I'm the only blond in the Battalion. Get it cut off or dyed". And he was serious! Thankfully he got kicked out for bullying :). Hopefully he's homeless or (preferably) dead now.

Another favourite was the old "you've not been in long enough to look at me". 8O

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