Big TAPO Interview...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Vyking, May 6, 2009.

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  1. ...tonight. Gulp!

    Insert you words of encouragement below.
  2. Nothing big or scary about it. Man up, it's only a chat.

    (Good luck though)
  3. Good Luck.

    BTW... have you forgotten how to read a map, work a DVD player/ projector, how to drive, be socially acceptable? If so you'll be just fine!

    or of course if you know how to make the perfect pink gin, you'll go far! :D
  4. My Troop SQMS(TA) said close to the same thing! Forgetting how to march, iron and polish boots makes a perfect candidate as well apparently.
  5. i was asked about the 3 pillars of leadership, so go in knowing that. whether youre asked about them, youll look very very cool if u blurt it out.
  6. I made myself look like a pilllock (i think) because i was asked about the main pillars, i'd only seen the 3 pillars before. those i couldn't ever tell you off the top of my head anyway. lol

    for my next interview, i'll be much better prepared.