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Big Tanks vs Little Tanks?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by zealot919, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I left the infantry after a years service back in erm... feburary 05 and now after 2 years of wasting my life i've decided to rejoin the forces, but this time as a tankie. I've narrowed down to two regiments, 2nd RTR (I fought them in BATUS and they were a well drilled lot) and the QRLs (no reason, other then they capbadge is pretty funky looking.)

    Problem being, can't decide which one, whats everyones take on it, which one am I likely to see action, do the light recce tanks every engage in direct combat as infantry support, or do they bug out and act as spotters and so as the muzzles start flashing? And do challangers still see action, it might sound terribly igorant on my part, but I don't see them getting very much involved in todays anti-insurgent actions.

    So whats everyone reckon please?
  2. Definitely take the one with the funky cap badge over the one which appeared the more professional. That's the best way to decide on a career IMHO.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Big boys toys all the way - being a big boy thats all I could fit in :roll: .

    You need to which you prefer, some of your grunt skills will transfer into dinky toys and I'm sure paveway would appreciate the advice :wink: . both sides have there merits. In the end none of us have the benifit of hindsight.
  4. All the time in Afghanistan
  5. Go with the Lancers, if you're going to go cav you may as well do it properly....

    Oh and it's not a cap badge it's a motto :razz:
  6. Do you want to deploy in your tank? If so go little, if not go big. Simple really.
  7. I nearly forgot - look at the ammo expenditure of D Sqn HCR and the Light Dragoons in Afghanistan in support of the infantry. Not their role, true, but needs must and a huge amount of ammo expended.
  8. And do challangers still see action, it might sound terribly igorant on my part, but I don't see them getting very much involved in todays anti-insurgent actions.

    Tell me your having a laugh??I think you'll find a soldier in the RAC can re-role to do infantry tours ie on foot, however it does'nt work the other way round! If you join the Cav you'll see action in Iraq and Afghan.(if thats what you want?)
  9. That wasn't the point he was making, the crew inside the vehicle may well be able to dismount and do the inf thing but I believe the question was would the Chally its self actually be used....
  10. If you want to ride about in a tank(rather than a sports vehicle),then Sappers have them.You can also learn another trade(or a couple) at the same time.
  11. Oh i see ,sorry about that one i get a bit emotional sometimes.
    Well Cr2 is used in Iraq but not in Afghan due to the terrain(we all know what happend to the russians there)but i would'nt put it past them!
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I think he was thinking of fighting tanks and not the funny's
  13. My mistake.I thought that Sapper tanks were used for fighting!
  14. Stand by.

  15. I think it's a matter of mindset. If you're the sneaky, conniving type, and like to think you're a ninja, go with the CVR(T)s. If your normal idea of a solution is 'If in doubt, give it a clout', go for the tank.