Big stupid rock or treatment for patients?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. What do you think the NHS could have done with £70,000?

    Bearing in mind it is reported that London hospitals will have a £100 million pound money shortage!!!

    Bought a 6 ton rock for the front enterence to a London hostpital or used the money for treating the sick?

    Full story here,,2-2005390480,00.html
  2. Although I agree it is a gross waste of money I fail to see how it is an insult to bomb victims. Unless of course an administrator came round to their beds and said "I'm afraid we won't be fitting you with that false leg today Mr Brown because we just blew the cash on a f*cking great lump of rock to wedge the front door open with.
  3. I'd regard it more of an insult to be labeled a "7/7 victim".

    Why is it necesary to copy the yanks at everything and come up with these daft phrases?

    You can just imagine a question in a future history class,

    "miss, if 9/11 was New York and 7/7 was London where was 24/7?"
  4. Another example of why businessmen/suits should not be allowed to run public organisations like the NHS/Armed forces!

    They really have no clue on what REALLY goes on behind the scenes...
  5. Who on earth thought about bringing a rock from god knows where, polishing and sticking it outside?

    If i was on the board meeting that the proposer used I would have run round the table in a Simponsesqe styleee and beaten them to death with a chair!!
  6. I agree entirely with Agent_Smith. These people are living in their own reality.

    I feel like nipping along in the dead of night and stencilling "Please do not remove" on it in foot-high letters.

  7. I assume, also, that it has to be under constant watch because it seems to be begging for some sort of abuse/graffitti (can you abuse a rock?). Not that I would have any truck with such actions of course!
  8. A truck, now theres an idea!!! :-D
  9. A truck, now theres an idea!!! :-D
  10. Now if it was a private firm, wanted to decorate the entrance a bit and were in profit with a hundred grand in the slush fund..... then why not? But being a public service, which has to provide medical services to the public, paid for by public funds and notoriously short of cash? You have to be having a laugh haven't you?

    The main question should not have to be 'was it a good idea' because that is a no-brainer. The question should be why has the proposer and all the people who agreed to the idea still got their well paid jobs?
  11. I am still a bit lost to how it insults the London bombing victims. Does it sidle up to their beds and tell them they smell of donkey willies? does it have a choice selection of anti-7/7 survivor quotes carved into it's surface? or is it all just a load of tabloid-generated bollox to fill column inches during the silly season?
  12. Fcuking spot on c-f.

    Next it'll be 5/11 or should that be 11/5? Fcuking media and their shorthand.

    T0ssers - the lot of 'em.

    7th of July, in case any of you dimsh1t journo's are reading this
  13. According to the Express, this...thing was paid for by a grant, the conditions of which prevented the money being used on patient care. Still fcuking ugly though.
  14. It would have been interesting to read the exact criteria under which this donation was made. If tracey whats-er-name can make an unmade bed an artistic piece then surely for example 10 new orthopaedic beds or such like could also be deemed art [and a fu*king sight more usefull than soild sheets or a ble*ding great boulder]