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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by cent05zr70, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Well. I never got the Jeep. Too much money for a fun toy. Last year I got rid of the P5B as it was an auto and a bit thirsty, and the P6B because I got hacked orf sorting the rear brakes. I'm too bleedin' old to be faffing about under cars, anyway, I do most of my mileage on a Bonnie, it's fast, cheap and fun.So no need for cars.
    The other day, being a twat, I was browsing flea bay classic cars, and quite local was a Mini Cooper. Shit. I went and bought it.
    There's the grin. It's a bleeding hoot. It's like a possessed skateboard. Goes like shit orf a shovel up to not very much, and corners like it knows the road. Bit cosy, as I'm a big lad, but no problems.
    It's sound underneath, but there's a couple of body bits that will need looking at soon. So here's the reason for the post. I can strip back to bare metal, then what's the best thing to prep with? Is Jenolite still about, or is there better stuff around? I'm sure someone knows, (you out there, Taff)
    If I can sort it without too much trouble it may be a keeper. Perhaps.
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  2. My 2d is make sure the fuel tanks aren't damaged/rusted/split. Few of us shared one in Leeds and it used to drain the fuel out. Had to call the fire brigade once to hose the street down to avoid a fire. I also out-ran the police in it down some dark side roads (wasnt insured at that point) ...yes...lots of fun to drive!
  3. I advised someone yesterday to get one, hours of fun.
  4. If the distributor faces towards the front grille it'll stall in wet weather. Some models had a plastic cover fitted to stop water getting in. If its not got one, make one and carry WD40 to spray on in case it stalls in the wet.
    Check the footwells under the mats, they leak water, lots.
    Them old engines work much better with new spark plugs, check the points, new HT leads. Changing the oil and filter made a huge difference. I used Shell super oil, no doubt not available now. Give her a feed of redex too.
  5. Oh and Bosch spark plugs.
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  6. Check brake pipes for corrosion, replace unless in good order. Rub them down and cover in grease.
  7. We just used to put a marigold glove on the distributor ,with a lead through each finger...cutting edge technology or what?
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  8. plus loads of mini rallies to go on. there was one down on the south coast a few weeks back and looking in the engine bay on the old austin minis you can see how so many people enjoyed car mechanics. nice simple engineering. keep it all clean and it must be easy enough to work on.
    although i know a mate's brother spent hours on his.
    he also get rear-ended (steady Jarrod) and got hold of the testament of lady who hit him, she claimed he had 'reversed' into her in traffic and she saw the 'reverse light' come on as 'he hit her.' he was delighted, it proved she was lying...that was an easy win for him in the case as...old coopers didnt have reverse lights! and are exempt from having them (or used to be.) :eek:)
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  9. Agree, great engines to work on, much fun. Couldn't be simpler really.
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  10. Brighton? If so, that's the annual run by the London & Surrey Mini Owners Club.
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  11. There's your answer. Rob a bank and buy a new one!
  12. I had all the carpets up (New, but not top spec) no serious tinworm. Last owner replaced brake lines, new front discs and callipers, relined rear brakes and recon'd brake cylinders, so a lot of the "underwork" is done. Fortunately. As I said earlier, it's easy getting under things, it's getting up again is the problem.
    As to the wet dizzy, I drove a new minivan in about 60,61 around the Welsh coast, loads of rain, and yes, it did splutter to a stop a couple of times, so a cover will be fitted. Bit neater than a marigold I hope. Good thinking though, my kind of bodge.
    Think I'll go for a spin up the pub. Just for shits and giggles.
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