Big Sandy Machine-Gun Shoot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stickybomb, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. You sort of have to take your hat off to a people whose guiding principle in life is, 'Yeah, **** it, why not?'
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  2. Probably as well for the finances of the shooters!

    That M16 body with a belt of it it supposed to be reasonable. It was knocked up by some small gun makers outfit I think, you can insert a mag in the bottom in the usual way (don't know it that is the done thing or not) and despite the photo it usually comes with a belt bag attached to a 'mag insert' for normal use.

    I'd hate to think of th estrain that guy is putting onthe mechanism.

    It was devised as a useful feature to add to the M16 heavy barrel variant (a M16 LSW basically). You get all kinds of mad stuff that can be quite useful from the smaller American gun smiths (not just chainsaw bayonets and hellfire devices (a mod to make a single shot semi-auto fire as fast as a auto)) I think the current flash eliminator for the US forces (and us I think) came from some small family gunsmiths,
  3. Tish, choccy. They have a duty to entertain their less well-armed allies and should seek federal funding for that very purpose.

    'Murrica...**** yeah!
  4. Fair one... I'd hate to have to clean these things afterwards though!

    And 'best dad 2012' goes to...

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  5. I didn't see the muzzle flash in the other piccies.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not sure that when the Founding Fathers wrote the bit about the right to bear arms they mean an MBT!

    I think it is absolutely shocking.....

    that they did not put an address on the link so we can book up for the next one (if my lottery comes up!).
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  7. MG Shooters LLC - The Big Sandy Shoot

    Google verily be thy friend.
  8. My thought's exactly. Shame we can't stage our own somewhere sandy...... perhaps Brighton seafront and use the French car ferries as targets
  9. "Most of the guns used and sold at machine gun shoots are fairly old. Federal law prohibits private individuals from possessing or acquiring machine guns other than those lawfully registered before 1986"

    So no wilfull destruction of collections like the 'cnuts' in this country
  10. Shoot... that's just the biggest in the country and not the only one in AZ. We have semi-annual shoots all over the place... (plus the other 363 range days a year for those of us that happen to be partial to them) other really big ones are held in Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia, and my home state...

    Add Shoot, Knob Hill, Bullitt County, Kentucky to your googlizer thingie.
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  11. Aw, bless. There's always one...

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  12. Note to MoD...

    Book ranges, fill with lots of weapons (pref belt fed), charge admission, add couple of pence to cost of each round, sell rounds.

    Black hole in budget... filled.

    How much could you sell the test fire of an ICBM for?