Big Sam Departs Newcastle

So Sam Allardyce has left Newcastle in a mutual agreement with the board.

Who next?

I remember the last decent Newcastle manager being Bobby Robson and when they let him go they brought in Greame Souness, what a joke.

I can't see Alan Shearer taking it so I've got a terrible sinking feeling that Steve McLaren may be heading up north.
11 managers in 11 years tells its own story. A club that hasn't one anything in so long seems to think that you can bring in a manager and get instant success.

To be honest, when they employed him it shouldnt have been a surprise as to the type of football they would play.

What needs to happen is for the club to get a good manager who will play the type of football they demand (Ranieri?) and give him at least 2 seasons to sort the team out. It will need that long


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Did Garth Crooks get it right on Football focus the other week?
Shearer with Keagan as back up / mentor
It's the one I would go with

However not even Keagan could bring success and they played fantastic football
I don't know why so many fail there
The job is a bit of a poison chalice. Shearer might be ok but being a local hero may prove to be too much (Hoddle at Spurs ring any bells)

Joll may be a good choice


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Would Shearer take as he is a hero there
Better to have them chant your name for good stuff than chanting it to get rid if it all goes wrong
Who ever gets it is in for a hard time Marry Poppins is not qualified - no coaching badges, so he will need someone to supervise so to speak.

Half way into the transfer window will also not help the new man - who ever that may be. Cannot believe they would even consider the Keegan/Poppins combo.

Really could not have come a worse time for the mags unless you are RED AND WHITE.

But honestly a stupid move on the board/owner etc.
Shearer has the same quals as Southgate. Keegan had no management experience and even managerless we arennt in the same predicament as the mackems.
icemann said:
fans want shearer the bookies are also mentioning martin jol and klinsman
Oh well it must be the right decision then 8O

If Shearer has any sense, he will continue in his punditry job and not risk his cult status at the toon.

Wonderful (dirty b*astard) player for both club(s) and country, but inspiring? He has all the personality of a very dead wet fish.

I for one would not want to see Shearer in the job, like its been said nobody is going to get instant success (if any at all) and Shearer would be shown the door like all the rest.

Rather keep his legacy alive and not have him leave under a cloud in 6 months.

and you're welcome to him.................

Come On BORO!!!!!!

He ran away because he couldn't handle a bit of a wind up from Fergie ffs!!

Ignore the fans and boo boys and build from the bottm up, it took Ferguson three seasons to get it right and now look at Man U. and all the time the fans were baying for his head!!!
px4llp said:
Thats the thing-would he take the risk?
I think he knows which side his bread is buttered on,bit like Alan Hansen,too much sense to go into management.

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