Big Rise in desertion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. All sorts of incoherent thinking in here - including the tacit admission that the war is merely 'significant' and not the sole cause!

    It seems that 3,000 toms have done a runner in the last reporting year - that equates to less than 3% of UKTAP - or about 6 Inf Bns! Not good.

    Click here for full story from Guardian Unlimited
  2. Calypso.

    Jeremy Vines' program today discusses this topic and an amnesty for deserters. It's the first topic and the following topic is the decrimination to stupid people (re thread on "Don't join the Army, they're bullies).

  3. Just wondering if that includes those who are "sick on leave" - eg, malingering......
  4. There is a huge difference between AWOL and desertion. Just because there were 3000 cases of AWOL doesnt mean that they deserted. According to the stats the majority of those AWOL returned to duty.
  5. The difference is that AWOL is classed as doing a runner with the intent of coming back one day. Desertion can only be brought if it can be clearly proven that there was no intent to return which is very hard to do. Hence why long term absentees just go down for AWOL.
  6. Exactly, tomy. I don't know anything about the figures, but the distinction is the same on this side of the pond.

    Thanks also to Calypso for politely gripping the other thread. Does happen, especially now the site is so busy.
  7. Sometimes you get peaks and troughs. For example, I'm sure the Infantry Battalions in Cyprus will have high AWOL levels right now because of the horrid OPTEMPO. Those guys get deployed to Iraq a couple of times in one year and when they get back home to Cyprus they have to stag on 24/7 to guard that ****ing place. Of course AWOL rates are going to skyrocket in places like that, and of course it's the Army/MOD's fault for overworking them.
    Has it to do with the war? Of course! Is it because they're against the war, as the article insinuates? Bollocks! A small minority excluded, of course.

    The four main reasons why soldiers go AWOL remain, IMHO: Problems with family/girlfriend, homesickness, financial worries, and being a ****ing waster.
    Relationship problems in particular are exacerbated by high OPTEMPO, so of course an increasing number of soldiers will go AWOL.

    Tomahawk is absolutely right, and citing the number of AWOL soldiers is quite worthless for an informed debate unless they provide data from returned soldiers providing the reasons why they went AWOL.