big riots in egypt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Jones, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Probably 'Al' Fayeds kith and kin kicking off at the waste of time inquest result.
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  3. Food and water will be the new oil imo.

    Big trouble.
  4. Gents in UK a small amount of inflation can be tolerated, for if you will excuse the expression 'No one is on the breadline'
    There does exsit solical services which will help out if matters become drastic.
    In places like Africa, parts of Mid East and definately in Far East inflation especially where Food is conncerned is a Major factor.
    There have in last six months been many an artical on price rises where food is conccerned especially rice.
    I often joke that where I live the religion is Buddisam, but the true religion is rice. I do not exagerat, many years ago a group of us tourists and girlfriends where taking a mini bus tour and we came around a corner to see a rice paddy, luxuriant in it's growth. The girls went crazy, Khao Khao (rice rice) they where screaming and they where genuinly excited at the sight of rice ready to harvest.
    I lived up country back in the days when I was married and life revoves around rice. Rice farmers make little profit and risk their 'farm/land' in exspensive loans for fertilizer in dodgy deals with the middlemen who control the rice (and all farm products) industry.
    The farmer works hard and in a good year he can raise and store 5 years of rice. His family will eat basic but eat for five years from a good crop. A poor or indiferent rain fall means little or no rice and poverty/starvation.
    Many folks in a large part of the world cannot stand evan a moderate rise in inflation. People will starve, riot and governments will fall.