Big Red

Discussion in 'RLC' started by will-moore, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I am intreeged.
  2. Whereas I am verflastered.
  3. New to all this,what you unit were you in Verflasted man
  4. I was in Hooly Barracks, Verfalsted between Nineteen Canteen and Neventy How. I was in the Stalls baboon of Yews Toes Tupport Regt. You?
  5. Well well well it would appear we were in the same unit.
  6. Laff-Pargent Will Moore - is that you? Its me Schnorkle Pind Tuna.
  7. Tiss i .Reebs ni gin
  8. Come on Tuna, i know y :D ou.[ I think.]Which unit were you in mate.?? :?:
  9. Pie factory No 4.
  10. You'll remember when I tell you which dingle wrapper I tunnied on.
  11. More confusing combination than a 15 year old and brar
  12. RAF Lyneham then....
  13. brar, you nurdle.
  14. I'm still 15.
  15. Do know Big Red per chance?? Twing twang..