Big Money in Yesterday's Lunch

Don't toss that mouldy bread, save that dried egg and apricot compote..they could top up your pension fund..

A Florida woman recently sold on E-bay for $ 28,000 US a ten year old grilled cheese sandwich purported to have the image of the virgin Mary ' toasted' into the top slice...

now a guy in Kingston, Ontario, up here in the True North is offering a fish stick that looks just like Jesus!!! [ Allelu! Allelu!! ]

The fishstick has a burn mark that looks just like the Lord.." As soon as you look at it, you can see the face in it " claims proud owner, Fred Whan [ though he is willing to part with this divine gift at the right price - authentic believers only, please ! ]..

I'm going mining in the back of my fridge.. Hey!! A Rutabega in the shape of Devid Beckham!! Some marmalade with Margaret Thatchers' bumprint..

any takers??
I have a piece of Haddock that resembles Tony Blair, is it worth money???? :?
It is spineless, I mean boneless erm I dont know what I mean lol :wink:

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