Big Mac? - not so much.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. I took the MILF next door and her middle brat shopping this morning.
    As we were loading the car she announced that the kid was being allowed to go to Mcdonalds as a "treat" for managing to tie it's own shoelaces or some such trivial matter.In we go.She and I have "coffee".
    So the kid orders a Big Mac chips and coke.On opening the box I see a tiny little pathetic looking wee bun hiding in the corner of the box.
    I've not set foot in one of their "restaurants" for 15 years or more so was quite surprised.Now is it my imagination or have they got really small? if so has the price dropped in relation to the size of the portions?
  2. How would I know? Only peasants eat in MacDonalds.
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  3. nevermind the big mac, did you get yer leg over?
  4. That's anyone under the rank of Sgt then... what's that new shit that came in after I left? PAYD or something?
  5. The smaller the portions, the less harm the filth will do to the digestion and palate; they probably charge extra far a 'healthy' version that's just smaller.
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  6. He' probably have to buy the kid a Bargain Bucket for a shag; for a big mac I dare say the lad just gave him a hand job.
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  7. They have a got a bit smaller I think. Now that your question is answered- Pics of the MILF or it never happened :)
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  8. If the burger was really that small he wouldn't have needed both hands to hold it so he would have had a free hand to reach under the table
  9. unlucky vaanman-useually the little fuckers choke on a plastic toy and then you can claim your money back !!
  10. I don't know how big they were before here, but I can definitely tell you that currently they're at least a third smaller than the ones you get in the U.S. for about the same price.
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  11. No hints of horsemeat from McD's.

    More than can be said for some places.

    I love McD's me. Banana milkshake :)
  12. I do recall years ago Burger King making quite big burgers as advertised how much bigger they were in comparison to McDonalds. I can only assume its not cost effective.
    I recall BK used to do a Mushroom double Swiss burger that was delicious, could have been over ten years ago though.
    I think they're all pretty grim these days and rarely eat in such places.
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  13. Don't buy a wagon wheel whatever you do then! ;-)
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  14. BK do this Long Burger thing. At the mo it's got jalapeño and cheese but a couple of months back it had onion rings.

  15. michael douglas got it right in Falling Down !!
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