Big Lottery Fund invites veterans across the north-east to bid for trip cash


World War II veterans from across the north-east are being invited to bid for funding to revisit the countries where they served.

Ex-servicemen and women can apply to the Big Lottery Fund for cash to use on trips with their families as part of the Heroes Return 2 programme. Heroes Return: Funding - Big Lottery Fund

More than £25m was spent on the first round of visits and applications for the latest packages open on Monday.

BBC News - Big Lottery Fund invites veterans to bid for trip cash

There's a bloke who lives at the top of my road who is about 40000 years old and is ex-Para, but he's probably too proud to ask.

He was the one who was rescued by the helicopter people when he had a brain aneuysm and crashed his car (not his fault - obviously). Top bloke, but I wouldn't demean him by offering his name up and making him think I was pitying him.

If I see him though, I'll ask him. He sometimes knocks to see if I "want any messages", and he is so proud of his pink fleece. Any saddo that has been to my hovel will probably have met him or seen him sat in his conservatory, reading, when they turn their car around at the top of the close.

I said pink on purpose.