Big, leery, fcuk-off guns.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. The reason that this post is in the NAAFI and not in the QMs is because this topic is about nothing more and nothing less than how utterly fcuking frightening and scary and hi-tech some firearms look. Now, all guns look frightening when you're looking down the business end of one (mine was an Uzi, the bloke pointing it was well pished and I didn't know it was a replica at the time), but some must look more frightening than others.

    So imagine that you are the armourer for, say, a Jerry Bruckheimer movie (to keep RTFQ happy) and ol' Jerry wanders over and asks you to provide the most leery, scary, fcuk-off-frightening guns for the enemy-villain-terrorist-evil genius posse of baddies to carry in the action sequences. In the Fantasy NAAFI Armscote is every shooter known to man.

    What do you nominate? And, no, you can't say something witty like "The Small Metal Gun." Not a gun spotter myself, outside of a common-or-garden knowledge of shooters, so looking forward to expert nominations.

    Let the scary gun-spotting begin!

  2. I dunno about scary but about the most stupid looking weapon system ever is that HK OICW, can you imagine lugging that thing around!
  3. Not wildly hi-tech but the Desert Eagle .50 has to be a good choice, anything with a muzzle that big has to be bad news for someone.

    Also, a beltfed shotgun (streetsweeper??) could be fun.
  4. id say "here jerry mate borrow my AS90 for an hour" what a fcuking gun! have you seen how much damage those buggers can do especially with some bomblet and HE rounds.

    bring it on!!!!!
  5. I once saw some bad guys in sci-fi serious lugging around L85A1's with the sights removed so it was 'flat top' and with black handguards etc, oh how I laughed, obviously they lost.
  6. Christopher Walken had one of those Tommy-Gun-Meets-Shotgun efforts in The Dogs of War.

    I remember the first time I ever saw a M16 with an underslung M40. It was Al Palcino's "little friend" in Scarface. I thought, "fcuk me, that's a scary fcuking shooter."

    I was also quite impressed with the sniper rifle (guessing it was an HK-something) in Heat that Val Kilmer used.

    Lastly, the crossbow in The Wild Geese may not have been a gun, but was scary. Good drills, Hardy Kruger.

    Rusty, whats an HK OIWC-or-whatever?

  7. Fair point, Tank Girl. Artillery pieces are fair game. Mine's the ZSU 23/4 just for scary, spiky aesthetics.

  8. Gotta be that G11 HK thing that was doing the rounds(no pun intended) afew years back, just looks like something out of alien.

    The Gimpie scares me in a good way....
  9. OICW Link

    [edited cos it won't work]

    Go to and type in (or copy and paste) 'heckler koch'

    Should get you a nice selection of H&K weapons, and the OICW in the top left corner. Scary looking piece.

    I still have yet to learn how to post flicking pictures.

    that's the OICW, the 'cannon' bit is quite nifty, apparently the current generation of the prototype have an intertial generator to power the grenade round. Still looks fecking stupid.
  11. <Dons anorak> V, the sniper rifle in Heat (if I'm thinking of the scene where Kilmer provides a spot of fire support during the abortive handover of money/stolen bonds) is an HK G3 SG/1.

    (see HKPRO web page)

    The OICW looks like this: [​IMG]


    <removes anorak>
  12. ^ Fellas, that's not a scary gun, it's quite clearly a 1980's Betamax video camera.

  13. For those to lazy to click the links :D

    edited to add: oops next time I'll check the whole topic I see it's already been posted

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  14. Or at least, it looked scary until I saw a picture of bloke trying to hold one. You'd have to arms like Garth!!