Big Lance Fairless

I was wondering if anybody knows if big lance is Ok, the last thing I remember is that he was going to set up a bar in Phuket and that he was going to be the AAC association Far East rep.
The last I heard (Nov 04), he was alternating between Blighty and the Land of Smiles to earn some cash. Terry T at Nethers is in regular contact and would confirm if he is ok.
Quickest way to make a million with a bar in Thighland is start with two.
PS Trust your pals OK. I should be able to find out from Brit embassy if you send a name.
Ah JW, regards from all at Woodvale. Concern was raised as to your welfare.

Morning D.
regards to the Rozzers miss BOOV do you?
1000Ks from the action.
In taxi, in Bangkok, at time but high buildings shook and ponds boiled.
I do know folks in embassy and can make a descrete private enquirey, assuming not restricted should get a quick result.
Sploke to Terry T yesterday, Lance is alive and well and in UK and staying with him this weekend. We will be in Salisbury at the weekend bulking him up prior to his return to the Land of Smiles.
Lance is doing fine temporarily living in Manchester with his very nice missus, all messages passed. PM me if you want his email address. :D

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