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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shines, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. There is a fella from Manchester who sells the rag "Big Issue" in the town, and he is always dressed in the best clobber. Surely he doesnt fit the right criteria, as surely its meant to be for the "dossers and homeless" which he clearly isnt.
    This is clearly a "Big Issue" with me, does anyone else have a "Big Issue" with "Big Issue" sellers, as i feel this could turn into a "Big Issue" :lol:
  2. There is one in Darlo (just down the road) that sells his by rapping.... at the top of his voice.... and he follows you everywhere till you buy one!
  3. I live in Manchester where is this guy? Hes not the one near the libary and the Armed forces centre?
  4. I think he's a former RSM on his resettlement course....
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I keep seeing these people everywhere - some of them get very upset when I tell them that the shoes I've got fit fine, so why would I want a bigger one?
  6. yes that him i will tell him to calm down and stop move to another patch.
  7. Yes, I have issues with the Albanians/Lithuanians who sell the 'Bee ishooo' in Belfast, can they not f*ck off back to their own country? They get more benefits than anyone else.
  8. Cambridge is overrun by them. You can't walk from one side of the city centre to the other without being asked if you want to buy their shitty magazine at least four times. By the fourth (or fifth, or sixth) time, it takes a serious amount of self-discipline not to scream at them "IF I WANTED YOUR AWFUL CRAPPY EXCUSE FOR A MAGAZINE, I'D HAVE BOUGHT ONE BY NOW! GET A JOB - AND A HAIRCUT - AND A WASH - AND FCUK OFF OUT OF MY WAY!"

    Not that I'm highly strung or anything.

    Apparently, Cambridge City Council's policy on homeless people used to be to give them a one-way ticket to Peterborough. I think that was an awesome idea.
  9. sometimes the big issue sellers can be ok.

    A few months back when walking along the street I heard a shout of "Join the shortest queue in Glasgow and get your big issue".

    When I pass one of them I make a point of saying "no thanks" rather than just ignoring them. They are one of the few groups of people that truly appreciate the words "no thanks". Most people blank them and ignore them as if they are inferior when at least theyre doing something with themselfs other than sit on a street with a McDonalds cup.

    Next time try it, say "no thanks mate" or whatever and I bet you get a positive "Ok no problem thanks pal" or something along those lines...
  10. I've tried that. Sometimes, you're right, you do get a good response - especially from the ones in London.

    More often round here (Cambridge), you get something not far from a mouthful of abuse - usually a dirty look and something muttered under their breath. I suspect it's to do with how many of them there are - the area is completely saturated with them.
  11. Why are there so many of them here?
    I used to give them all money at first, felt sorry for them. then i realised just how many there were, and that i kept on seeing the same faces. I just don't see the poin tin giving money if it doesn't improve the situation.
    i do say "no thanks mate" as i pass the big issue sellers though. They are at least making a discernable effort to improve their lot, and i respect that.
  12. I remember that, thought it was well funny. A few people got upset about it though, mostly the residents of Peterborough!
  13. Apparently their city council seriously debated adopting a policy of simply giving them a single ticket back to Cambridge...

    I think that was probably the point that it got changed, when it was realised just how silly it could get.

    As for why so many here...my guess would be to do with central Cambridge being a relatively wealthy area (esp. with tourists), with a fairly high bar for low-cost accommodation, not to mention the fact that the centre is going to act as a magnet for anyone in that position from any of the surrounding villages. Trying to sell the Big Issue in Cherry Hinton or Grantchester is not going to be a huge success!

  14. lazystudent wrote
    i do say "no thanks mate" as i pass the big issue sellers though.

    That does not work.But "i already have one thank you" does or did last time i was in the uk
  15. I have issues of my own. Why would I want someone elses bigger one....?