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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flyinghussar, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Up till quite recently the only problem I had with The Big Issue was that they increased the price. I never minded a Pound so they priced themselves out of my market, but now there is another problem. Am I being too sensitive. I live in a largely rural are made up of small market towns so there are always a few Issues sellers about but they have changed over the last few months. I should qualify that and say in my area. They are nearly all Moslims so whats going on? The one thing that really got me, and its taken careful consideration to write this is, that last Oct/Nov in two local towns we have old comerades and ex service persons with restored Military vehicles sellings poppies. Standing not Six feet from them were these people in ethnic dress shouting Big Issue. It made me wonder how we could allow things like that to happen it turned my stomach. Makes me want to go and live somewhere else.... Anyone else feel the same :x :x :x
  2. Im not sure what you're trying to say.. can you try and explain it a bit more clearly?
  3. Not quite sure its a Muslim thing but I have noticed a large amount of foriegners selling the big issue (with the correct ID) obviously we are having to import these people to do the job no-else wants.
  4. OK maybe its just me being old a crotchety and happy to take an ear bashing if necessary. I just think at the present time with our armed forces locked into conflict in Muslim countries and when the whole world is on alert to watch for the sh**** to have them in your face when shopping especially is a bit much. As for standing anywhere near our people selling poppies I think its insensitive on their part, but hey lets not upset them we will take all the upset andbow and scrape!!!!! after we dont really matter do else we would'nt be in this mess... Dont worry if you dont understand I have an 18 and 21 year old at Uni they dont understand the problem either. Thats why its so sad :?
  5. I see headscarved women selling them outside the Bloomsbury Waterstones- my understanding was that they were Balkan gypsies...

    ...perhaps they 'rent' the franchise right to sell them from our indigenous indigents?
  6. That made a little trickle of wee come out ... cnut! :D

    We have one in town and she is definately East European gypsy. I'm certain these are more likely than Muslim?
  7. The one in Aldershot used to wear a Union Jack wooly hat to fool us into thinking she was a local, though when she hollered ''BEEEG ISSSSHHHUUUU'' the game was up!
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I've noticed a change over the last months, well year or so.
    Where I live we always had the same couple of guy with dog. Recently though they have been replaced by Eastern Europeans. I have also noticed this in other parts of the country, my mother lives in a market town in the North East of England & they seem to be Eastern Europeans as well & last summer they were even in Aviemore! God knows how they turned up there!
  9. Fat, headscarved Eastern European woman appears where I am from time to time.

    The Big Issue is why they travel half way across europe to sponge a living off the hard working British people.

    Fcuk em off I say. Idle barstads.
  10. The Big Issue is an international movement, providing opportunities for people facing homelessness to help themselves.

    You do not know the background of any individual seller, such as where they are from or why they are driven to doing what they do. Their religion seems to me to be supremely irrelevant. So what if they are Muslim? Or Protestant, Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, Zoroastrian, or atheist (amongst others)?

    So what if there are other charity appeals going on nearby? There is no law against anybody raising money for their chsoen charity is there? However it is your choice who to give your hard earned pound to.

    However, it is my personal belief that wherever they come from, those who live on the street (and who include a significant proportion of ex-services personnel) would not choose to be where they are.

    Why not try to judge a little less and understand (or at least tolerate) a little more? I buy my big issue from the same guy each week. £1.50 ain't much, and you learn a lot by getting to know these people (even only superficially, as I only do)

    If you don't want to contribute at all, then don't. No-one is making you. Give your money to RBL or some such. However, if the homeless wish to ask us for charity, then that is up to them. It is not for us to deny them the right to ask for charity.

    I recognise that this is the NAAFI, and I may attract flak, however that is what I believe, and therefore that is what I say
  11. your issue is that they are Muslim and homeless? Or is it that your annoyed that another charity was seemingly pushing in on another collection?
    If so, surely thats more to do with etiquette as opposed to politics and race? If it happens and the boys doing the collections were worried about it, then im sure they are more than capable of asking said mongs if they wouldn't mind farking orf a bit further down the road. No doubt you'd see my point if it was a White ex-service man selling the big Issue in the same context?
  12. problem is, you dont need to be homeless to sell it, you simply need to be "at risk". In fact its easier to get a badge and a pitch if you arent homeless because they promote getting accom. first and then looking into the big issue. Of course there's plenty of newsagents up by me who are meant to distribute them to the vendors, but in fact just sell them to unbadged vendors at a slightly higher price.
  13. Mrs JD had a good point on this, it they're homeless in this country why not go to their own country and be homeless there, surely homeless is homeless whatever the surroundings. Only difference is that there's easier pickings over here.
  14. i can't see the problem - you either give or you don't. I don't like to see anyone accustoming people on the streets - regardless of whether they are sally army, other charity collectors, tramps or some tw**at trying to sell me something. nevertheless, unless HMG passes some law to stop these parasites, we have no choice except to put up with them.

  15. I've stood on many occasions with a charity box collecting in Aldershot and what grips me the most about the other charity collecters is the rattling of tins, whenever we've applied to Rushmoor Council for permission to collect you are told that it is illegal to rattle the tin as it's seen as a form of intimidation, yet some people just rattle away and look at you like shite when you walk past them. Oh, and don't get me started on 'Chuggers'!