big green gathering banned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. and your point is?
  2. I am a good friend of Andy Wear, the Farmer who lets Fernhill Farm be used for the Big Green Gathering. I've even been to it a couple of times. Although its got the usual anti establishment wasters there are also a lot of decent people who are (mistakenly in my view) worried about the planet and want to live a greener lifestyle. They harm no-one and do try and run the whole event with minimum fuss etc.

    I cannot honestly see what the problem is - it will also be a major blow to Andy and Jen who are trying to bring a farm back to life after years of neglect.

    If anyone is going to the Mendips and wants to stay somewhere really nice, cheap and friendly then you could do a hell of a lot worse. The fresh food, including home grown beef and lamb is delicious. Well worth a visit.
  3. Errrr......If you can't spot the point...Go to Spec savers.


    WTF are the Police doing taking out an injunction to stop a festival that doesn't appear to featured on anyone's radar for drug crazed rioting and shooting dead festival goers on the way home... I can't recall any News of the Worls/Sun exposures on bad boy behavour so who the f**k do the Police think they are.

    The Police exist to enforce the law with my implied consent. And I most certainly do not call banning peaceful festivals as having my consent.
  4. The rumours are wrong, the police did not take out an injunction. The organisers of the hippy fest failed to get the required permissions and licences. I wondered what the original point was because of this.
  5. Err. The Groadadd update says the Festival Organisers surrendered their licence BEFORE the High Court hearing over the injunction. The BBC have reported that NO mention was made last Thusday of any concerns from the Police or Council

    If there were concerns then, why weren't they raised?

    My point still stands. WTF are the Police doing taking out injunctions to prevents events with NO history of arrests being made?

    26 people were arrested, 74 people were bailed for possession of Class A drugs and £68,000 worth of drugs sized at the Isle of Wright festival last month. Why wasn't that event banned?
  6. Does it not harm the environment to have a "gathering"? what with all the transport etc. Unless they are all cycling there?
  7. Always wondered that about the huge festivals and concerts that are put on in the name of 'green'.

    Still, I've never met a die-hard vegetarian who doesn't wear leather shoes.
  8. You might be confusing veggies with vegans.
  9. I'm not confusing them. I just can't understand the logic of not eating a cow because it's evil, and then wearing its skin on your feet.
  10. I'd ban all greens.
  11. I cooked a luvly meal for a vegan once, she had the vegan Doc Martins - the no leather, lentil eating twat! She did comment on how nice the 'Vegan' sausages were; very different to the ones she normally has. :twisted:

    We don't speak anymore :lol:
  12. Surely not broccoli or sprouts ... I like them.

  13. If you can rationalize that it's OK to fly yourself and a couple of thousands other pop stars and their entourage around the world to a half a dozen concerts in a fleet of planes and trucks to 'save the planet' by cutting down on emissions, then it's perfectly logical.

    Environmentalism is the new Communism.
  14. Nor can I. I doubt it is a logical thing.