Big fecking Brother

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by box-of-frogs, May 18, 2008.

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  1. My weeekend, in fact, whole year, has been ruined with the news that Big fecking Brother is apparently going to start again in 3 weeks time (according to the radio as i drove home tonight). I really cannot stand that shite. :x :x :x
  2. Thought they were'nt bothering due to the low viewing figures from last year ! Watched part of the first one years ago when it was first broadcast after that never bothered..............TV for the Jeremy Kyle audience, teenage single mums, smackheads, and people from Norfolk
  3. FFS! Looks like I will have to find an excuse to be out of the house as much as possible. Mrs I will have it on constantly. I'm sure she is a Chav underneath that snobby exterior!

    oh well i'll be in Afghan so i won't be subjected to that shite!!
  5. I was chatting to the missus earlier today and we were both delighted that a new series of this shite hadn't been mentioned. 'Thank feck for that' was the general opinion. Then the eejit on the radio goes and ruins my year. Please let him be wrong!!!!!!!
  6. You jammy git! :wink:
  7. You can always just not watch it...
  8. I don't intend to. I just know that every radio show will be raving on about it all day. Constantly. You won't be able to escape from it. :x
  9. Know what you mean - especially the ladies seem to like it. Why it intrigues them, can't figure out.
  10. Serious question. For example, Chanel Four say BB had 6 million viewers one night though 6 million people did not watch BB from start to finish. Some were flicking through the chanels and were on the BB chanel for a few seconds, some watched it for a few minutes then turned over, some turned over to BB near the end and watched the last few minutes. Let's assume of the 6 million only 3 million watched it from start to finish.

    Then how do they eventually work out the viewing figures? If I flick past it for 2 seconds am I contributing to the overall viewing figure and if I flick past it several times am I accounted several times?
  11. Fuck me sideways! Not already? I'd rather shove hot coals up my arrse. And as for Terrible_Twins, I'm outraged at your "Norfolk" comment. I shall escalate it.
  12. Am I alone in having an "off" switch on my tele, or for that matter the ability to change channel to something else that I'd rather watch?
  13. It's not just the telly, it's the papers, the radio (Chris fucking Moiles especially), magazines, chit-chat, the news. It's a plague.
  14. If you must read the "Scum" and "TV Quick" magazine, and listen to Radio 1

    Its not all over the Grauniad, Independent, Private Eye, Spectator, Economist etc. And its not all over Radio 4 or the World Service.

    Its all a matter of choice.
  15. :D
    Bring it on FBG but I thought Sunday night in Norfolk was for witch burning or licking black cats to see if they're magic.
    Its just like being on the set of "Deliverance" :D bet you've made a few fella's squeel like a pig eh George :D
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