Big Fcuk Off Knives

I've just been issued with a Glock knife, and while it's a lovely match for my Glock spade and is allier than an ally thing, I'm at a loss as to what I'm ever going to use it for.

First question, any opinions on the knife? Durability and so on?

Anyone here use something similar?

If so what for (apart from silently killing enemy sentries and opening bottles)?

Good for paring / cleaning toenails?
Watched all the rambo films? I'm sure you'll find he uses a BFOK all the time in those.
opening blueys with ?
Do the bit in "Alien" with spread fingers and a BFOK.
Looks like a fighting knife.

If it will take a good edge it seems a reasonable profile for general work. I find that shaping and trimming timber stakes is the major use for a knife in the field. (apart from gutting and skinning game of course!)

It ought to be useful for cutting webbing, canvas, rope, wire stripping, hacking out vehicle bodywork ( at a push). Cutting vegetation for hides, butchering locally bought beasts. A multitude of uses really.

The knife is mankind's oldest metal tool...

Bottle opening's always a winner though! :hic:
Issued, what are you on about, where are you posted to, Hollywood!

How about for sawing off the heads of a few terrys, that would go down well on the 10 Oclock news. :twisted:
Errr... scrape the skidmarks out of your undies perhaps?
Cleaning your hoop!


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Basically me old mucker, it's a silly knife.

You know when you are walking along the pavement, and you hear this almighty farting noise coming up the road behind you, and you think that it might be a big car, and then you turn and look, and it's a Ford Fiesta, with a silly exhaust, a silly wing, silly headlamps, silly wheels, silly tyres, a silly amplifier and a really stupid cnut in the driver seat, doing 20mph, and you think to yourself, that's a bit silly and pathetic.

Well, that's your knife see. It should either be about 9" long, a good for whittling, chopping string, straps, that sort of thing, or it should be 1 to 2ft long, and shaped like a gollok or khukri, for chopping down the 'oolie or other people.

Anything else? Just silly (especially if they call it a Glock and it's not a firearm).
But it is shiny, so you should be able to swap it for some decent porn.


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Don't be dim! It's a prime seduction and chat-up device. Can't fail when accessorised with a balaclava.
DANBAT in the sandpit had them, which is why TT has it on issue, I bought one when I was first posted to BAOR, a good general work knife, not too 'in your face' I tried others but 20ish years later I still have it!

No longer on belt kit sos notto encourage recruits to buy them.
The only good thing is the bottle opener if a tad unwieldy due to the length of the blade.

The blade will take an edge but loses it quick snap. Keep it oiled as well as they rust like hell!
It's an Andy Mcnab fighting knife! Sell it on waltbay as such and raise enough dosh to buy a nice car.

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