"Big Fat Ugly WRAC" NAAFI shows 1990

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Logan1970, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone remember the group who travelled the NAAFI bars in the 90's. Famous for the "Big fat ugly WRAC".

    "I meet her in the NAAFI store, she turned around and looked at me, you get the picture, yes you see. Thats when i fell for that big fat ugly WRAC".

    I did it as a skit on a Snow Queen in the 90's and would love to do it again on my 22 year dine out.
  2. You sound like a fun sort of guy.
  3. I loved those days. NAAFI bar, a game of pool and a sing along with the the comcen girls (great days).
  4. It's funny that, I don't remember meeting you.
  5. I am a bloke thats why, oops sorry just realised your RLC ("anything goes, with you Wagoners").

    Just looking for the name of the group, nothing else!!!!
  6. RLC? You should have gone to Specsavers.
  7. Joined: Nov 28, 2007

    Your right, oops sorry yours not.

    The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was formed in 1993 from the amalgamation of The Royal Pioneer Corps, The Army Catering Corps, The Royal Army Ordnance Corps, The Royal Corps of Transport and The Postal and Courier Section of The Royal Engineers.

    RTC in Bielefeld ( old sweats only for any sort of reply). Not these "NGIG's".
  8. Current Affairs..... wtf?
  9. NGIG

    New Guy In Germany.

    Honestly am now out of the game.

    See ya later "WO2 in time". 2 Wars, 4 Ops. Forget it, Good luck, Love you all, you do and will make me proud.".

    I will not raise.

  10. Firstly delete all you have posted to save face, then take said face and find a mirror and give it a good talking to! You have just made a complete arrse of yourself and want to hope the mods delete the whole thing.
    I too will shortly leave the army and fikking naffi girls aint going to be my topic of choice, and as to how many medals you have, SUPER, I have more as it goes and I ask you to ask your self the question, did you EARN them, mine are been there done that medals, not like the ones currently being EARNED in Afghanistan.Many were earned in Iraq, however being as you are same peer group as me I think you probably have got yours in the same way i got mine, ie you still have 2 arms and legs, will never have to go back there, and at the minimum have survived an IED strike?

    Edited for an extra E in IED
  11. It's like a real fight in here. This should be in the NAAFI.

    So hang on, we've got someone who can't read people's sig blocks, and someone saying how medals they've got?

    Pass me the popcorn someone, and wake me up when it gets interesting.
  12. You missed the bit where you apologised for being a wanker, calling me RLC, oh and a bloke.

    I've decided anyway. I'm not a fireman anymore. I'm Red 10.
  13. You are totally out of order to suggest that those being awarded Afghansitan Medals today do not "Earn" them.

    Oh and congratulations on having more medals than somebody else
  14. I always wondered where the RLC came from. :roll:
  15. But the words of the song would be a bonus too :)