Big empty ocean coming to you soon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. US to move the majority of its naval fleet to Asia - Telegraph

    Hardly news.

    However, what impact if any will this have on the orientation of UK defence spending?

    Russia is resurgent at the moment with the proviso that Oil prices remain high to fund their defence infrastructure.
    Oil drops below $100 on global growth fears - Telegraph

    With a loss of income, what outcomes might they envisage?

    In a similar vein, Venezuela will be impacted as well as Iran and other unstable Mid East countries. Britain will also suffer from lower revenues.

    As the US withdraws - justifiably in my opinion - how will the RN take up the slack...? Will Europe even be bothered?

    Final question. Army is going to get kicked big time in 2015, will spending re-focus even more on the grey funnel line? (Can her Maj look forward to a better fleet review in the future...)
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  2. With any luck a draw down of USN in the Atlantic should shame us into enlarging our own footprint in the area. I believe the RN picked up the slack in the Atlantic during parts of the Cold War so that Uncle Sam could concentrate on his troubles in SE Asia. We now need to get back to the level where we can effectively do the same again, albeit for the long term this time.

    This announcement seems to confirm that the US and China are heading towards a Pacific themed cold war, so with that in mind, isn't it high time the UK ended its "5 power defence agreement" over Singapore? We need to ensure we don't get dragged into this one. Unlike others, we just about managed to extract ourselves from the Far East in a dignified manner, so let's look after number one for a change and ensure good business sense takes priority over any outdated notions of loyalty.
  3. The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is delighted at the idea of more USN ship visits-- and so are all the brothels.

    All the same, if we're moving into a world where a computer hacker in China can disable a power station in Birmingham with one key stroke, what's the point of having a Navy?
  4. All we need is a govt. that would rather invest in defence than in tax-breaks for donors, and free houses for scrotes.

    I might learn Russian.
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  5. Mmmm Sounds a bit ominous. The reason why the US fleet was at Pearl Harbour is beacause they had been forward based from the US West coastbecause of the rising Japaneese threat.

    Good for the US I say, let the Europeans look after their own back yard. And shame on us for not doing so.

    Head hanging in shame.
  6. For rescuing tax dodging ex pat Brits who find themselves stuck in anti British foreign climes, who suddenly remember their love of all things British when the local fuzzies kick off.
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  7. On that note old chap, could you arrange for them to pick me up? I don't even need dropping back to Britain. Hawaii will do.

    They can run me back in two weeks.

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  8. Maybe the USA is getting ready to tap into their own vast oil resources and are merely redeploying their Navy to protect their shipping routes to China when they start selling it all to the wee yellow men, they've given them everything else.

    Taking tongue out of cheek, much has been said about the US Naval repositioning though it's not as if they're leaving a void in the Atlantic/Med/Indian Ocean - the 40% of their fleet remaining in that area is still a match for any potential aggressors - including the Russians.
  9. Don't worry mucker, you'll be quite safe in Ostrava ;-) On a more serious note, though, you have a point and there ain't gonna be much of an Army left come 2016 - Brave-Coward'll be looking for a new job as a leader writer for The Daily Telegraph.
  10. I heard an aposite remark the other day. " The people who rule Russia tend to own Russia".

    Still interested?

  11. I know where birmingham is thanks, where's you link to the china email disabling UK power station story thing?


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  12. The good news is, as the USN pulls out of the Atlantic we can surge teh RN in with all their boats, and the RAF in with their Maritime Patrol aircraft.
  13. I have just written a serious reply and fecking lost it because of the fecking internet...

    Exactly when will the RN surge their kayaks? How long will it take them to take position? Will rowing boats be built at speed to reinforce the kayaks? Or will the USN give us lend lease AEGIS and retired carriers with F/A 18 embarked formations?

    Calm down Sunno - a lot of people agree with you.

    Back to re writing the serious reply... fecking internet
  14. Not sure that the WWII bunkers are up to the impact of some serious modern artillery. Then again the Gripen might last a few minutes longer than the Slovakian Mig 29's or newish Polish F16's.

    Shit. Coming to your country soon.

    North Pole. America now suggesting that military forces need to be increased to protect their interests. Ditto Russia and Canada and
    Baltics - threatened by Russia
    Poland - threatened by Russia
    Central Europe - misaligned capitalism not realising that Russia does not give a shit and is happy to cut off the gas
    Turkey, unstable border with at least three countries
    Southern Med seaboard - regime failure, regime change, radical militant islamic influence growing
    Africa - **** it going for a happy pill or maybe happy Pivo

    Not forgetting, Iraq, iran, China / India territorial border dispute and WATER wars

    Wondering how the Royal Navy will stand up to the tasks coming through (admit Slovakia is a tasking too far :) )