BIG: Egypt 'to open crossing to Gaza'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Perhaps Justice (from a Western perspective) for Arab peoples and (as a by product of Islamic Democracy) increased security for Israel and the removal of a cause celebre for disgruntled terrorists the world over! Could this lead to an Islamic Reformation? Shia and Sunni burying the hatchet somewhere other than a turned back.
  2. Bleedin' hell, slow down!

    Agree that 'the removal of a cause celebre for disgruntled terrorists the world over' would be possible - if only Netanyahu was interested in peace & negotiations.
  3. I wasnt suggesting anytime soon pp, 100 years or so? Its got to start somewhere. Netanyahu obviously doesnt want to get shot by a disgruntled voter.
  4. Shurely Netanyahu isn't scared of an gun toting extremist right-wing religious Zionist...

    On the Shia and Sunni's reconciliation, how long did the Catholics and Protestants take to live in peace together? Oh....
  5. So Israel can permanently close their crossings to Gaza now. Any complaints, accusations of starving can be forwarded to Cairo? cool, as it should be
  6. And accusations by the United Nations of "collective punishment" & a crime against humanity against Mubarak for the 4 years of the Gaza blockade can now be persued too?