Big Companies couldnt give a toss for staff welfare

When employers pull the shit like I had pulled on me today it makes you not want to work and to go on the dole and get paid to look for work.

I started my new job in January for a VERY big compnay and I had 2 instances of being off sick (genuinely) and one occasion of being 15 minutes late. I was then investigated and put into a investigation that was more like an interigation I was in a room with two managers and I was basically pushed into a corner and made to sign a statement and then put on a three month plan of action where I could not be late or off sick for three months. All was going well until saturday the 4th of March when I had a pretty nasty crash on my motorbike on my way into work, I actually made it into work and work called an abulance for me. I then had to take 6 days off as I am on crutches and I was signed off work. When I returned back to work last week I was then put into another investigation with two managers who then escalated the sittuation to disciplinary action.

Today I had a meeting (disciplinary) with the big manager and another team manager and get this even though WORK called my ambulance and I made it into work I was put on 6 month induction and a 6 month plan of action where I am not alloowed to be 1 minute late or if I am off sick for any reason I am going to be sacked. Not only this I have lost the oppurtunity to get my monthly bonus of £250.00 so I have also lost £1500.00 in bonuses which is a big chunk of wages considdering I only pick up £1000.00 a month. I think its a kick in the teeth that companies can pull this kind of shit and get away with it. I can not progress in the company so I am sat on the bottom rung of the ladder and not able to move.

to be honest I am thinking of going in and dropping the first manager I see (this would not be a first) I am that infuriated.

With companies doing this type of stuff, going off on benefits looks quite rosey.
Errrrrrr is there some kind of point to your post?

Not sure I detect any connection with the Army whatsoever.
Are you in a union?
Can they stop you from being off sick? I don't think that is really on the right side of the law. Sounds like you need to have a word with someone mate. Mind you until you have been there a year I don't think you have many rights but I would advise you to take advice from someone who knows what they are talking about.
basically they are making medical decision to say you cannot be off sick, they are on sticky ground to say the least.

if you do have to be off work do not self certificate go to Dr if he will give you sick note explain why you need one rather than a self certificate to Dr.
I am not sure of the law as in how long you have worked for them, but it is constructive dismissal, if they do sack you for being ill.
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
Errrrrrr is there some kind of point to your post?

Not sure I detect any connection with the Army whatsoever.
The POINT is that he is being fcuked around by a bunch of tw@ts and has come on here for some kind of constructive advice, NOT smart-arrsed snobby useless comments.

The fact that this is all about being fcuked about by a bunch of cnuts is a close enough connection to the Army for me and most others.

Good luck, mate.
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
Errrrrrr is there some kind of point to your post?

Not sure I detect any connection with the Army whatsoever.
erm get a grip blend! not everything on here revolves around being in the forces... done my bit now am out... my point is the shit you go through in civvy street.

labrat said:
discodan said:
Today I had a meeting (disciplinary) with the big manager and another team manager

were you invited to bring along another employee as a representative/support???
yes I did but I declined as I thought they were not going to take me to the effin cleaners lol


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Bunch of twats - but seems to be way things work don't it.

I got sacked from a rather large internet shop, something to do with rainforests, after taking 1 day off (with permission!) to go look after my poorly grandad. Got a phone call that night saying not to bother coming in the next day.

But aye - does seem spot on for constructive dismissal. I'll have a natter with my dad about what exactly your rights are, he's in the know


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Too be honest having all the stuff so early on doesn't seem to great - I understand and bloody good drills when you had the crash - but i'd really flip the boat on this one.

How long have you been there? And what sort of work are you in (if thats not too much to ask)
I am a customer service representative for a very well known mobile phone store who now own thier own land line company (funny how they made me work on the end of the phone advising people/lying through my teeth about why thier land line services have still not been switched on) by trade I am a mobile phone engineer... think I will just hammer the overtime for three months after april then walk.. and set up a small mobile phone shop.


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Ok, cool. And you've been in for how many months? Apparantly this may have some bearing...
only been there for a few months,

I do openly admit I was in the wrong for being injured but fook me mitigating circumstances, even the management noticed when I am in work I am at my desk an hour before I am meant to start, going through all the accounts from previous weeks where the work has backed up.

Wont be doing that no more. they got about 10 extra hours a week out of me unpaid.


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Just seems same bloody typical attitude I seem to find everywhere, and I'm not putting up with it. Tis why for a while now I've been an odd job man!

I'll ask my old man what you're entitled to in the morning, I'll PM you.
Get in a trade union, that way you’re covered. A decent union rep will be able to inform you of your rights, Represent you at disciplinary hearings, and generally get up fcuktard management noses. Ask to see the company policy on sickness and sick leave. They can't fcuk you off as it’s your right to be privy to such info. However if your on a temp contract, well forget it mate..
to be honest bud I dont plan on having a disciplinary any time in the near future... well maybe if I walk up to my big manager and drop the bugger where he stands as this is how I feel.
Your rights are very limited if you've been there less than 12 months, unless you have a contract that says otherwise.

You can be dismissed for no special reason and unless you can prove discrimination on grounds of race or sex, there isn't a great deal you can do about it I'm afraid.

They may have great wodges of HR policies and stuff, but legally it doesn't matter too much.

If you're in a union, as someone said, have a chat with them or perhaps the CAB although appointments with them are like rocking horse droppings as they are a volunteer organisation and just a tad overworked. They are excellent though, so it's worth persevering.

If I was you, I'd look for another job because it doesn't seem like you're going to fit in with this lot. Sorry to be negative, but it's so much better if you can stick two fingers up as you leave them than have the choice of timing in their hands.
All the whinging bast&rds out there, who continually drip about how sh!t the army is, take note.

When did you ever hear of anybody being put on a warning for being sick, or late!

I'm off to the NAAFI, where i shall stay for for at least 45 mins in the full knowledge that i won't be sacked
See a solicitor who specialises in employment law (£50 ish) for a chat.

Tell him/her what you told us, i am qualified in Employment matters - wonderful thing resettlment!

Basically you have rights... you have the right to be ill. you have the right to be late for work.

they do not have a right to sack for for being ill.

The solicitor may offer to write a letter to scare them. (£35 ish) and this will make them realise you are not a push over.

Remember DD - in CIV DIV they cant do this crap to you. its not the army, they cant put you on jankers or give you ROPs.

If the solicitor thinks you have a strong case you could "quit" and sue them on the grounds of constructive dissmissal and agrivate it with bullying and victimisation. - Watch how fast the room smells like Sh1t when you mention that to the first manager you see.

Decking a civilian will get you sacked and the police phoned followed by an assualt charge - you were lucky the last time.... again you are not in any more.

Depends on you shipmate.... if you hate the place now - i would go see a lawyer and ask about constructive dissmissal.

Otherwise suck it up and keep paying your mortgage.

cheers chaps this has been very informative... I ******* hate civvy street... am going to keep a stiff upper lip and grin and bear it until I see my mate (a good solicitor). I think I will be looking for work in the the civil services. Might as well its the only thing I am comfortable with.

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