big cat in brighton the beast of bevendean

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. er has told of his ordeal at the hands of the big cat dubbed the Beast of Bevendean.
    Bill Batchelor, of Bodiam Avenue, Bevendean, said he has seen the wild animal on three occasions.
    And he described the moment when the sharp-toothed cat pounced on his pet dog as he was out walking.
    But Mr Batchelor said the mysterious animal he encountered was not black as some residents have reported, but a sandy colour with a grey muzzle.
    A spokeswoman for Sussex Police confirmed that an officer had attended the scene and had passed on information about the sighting to a wildlife group.

    only thing for is an arrse hunting party top track down and slay the beast :D
    there may well be widespread collaterial damage as the local chav population is culled but that would be a postive thing and easily explained as I thought it was the beast :D
  2. An Arrse hunting party you say?

    Surely a pussy hunting party!
  3. There have been numerous reports of big cats in the Sussex area over the last few years (there was a spate of sightings in Hurstpierpoint a few years ago). Whilst big cats do tend to wander over a large 'territory' (which would explain the distance between the sightings), they are carnivores, rather than scavengers, and still need to eat. There are plenty of sheep and cattle on the downs, plenty of deer in the forests and there have been no reports in the press of carcasses found with wounds that would suggest them having been killed by a large cat. I used to live in Bevendean and have run all over the downs and have never seen a wild hunting animal larger than a fox (and many of them are now town based).
  4. [​IMG]

    That's not what you meant, was it? :oops:
  5. No, in certain flamboyant areas of Brighton it would definitely be an Arrse hunting party :wink:
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  6. OK this is Christmas not easter but I have a reason for resurecting this thread.
    Yesterday out walking my dogs one of them buggered off after a scent and after a while me and the borrowed sensable hound went off looking for her down a forrest track about three metres wide, fairly straight but undulating I saw a black shape cross the path about 100 to 150 max metres away I saw a black shape cross and it seemed nearly as wide as the path at that distance. It was behind an undulation so I only saw the back which was jet black and straight. Not moving fast but purposefully it disappeared into the thick woods. I don't think it saw me and the dog with me didn't see it but went ape when near the spot and went off into the woods where the creature it had crossed over. She came back when called (not like my own evil cocker)in high doe in full sniff mode.
    I don't believe "Big Cat" stories but it moved like a cat. The area has plenty of feral black cats but not as big I I saw. I actually have pretty much convinced myself it was a mink as I have seen some pretty big ones and shot one about two miles away about three years ago that had got a friends chickens but it made me think and I have had doubts as it seemed so bloody long.
    NB. the area has two holiday cottages with no one in. The nearest habited house is two mile away and it's an istmus with pretty thick woods and vegitation.
  7. I don't think @Jarrod would have administered a punishment buggering for starting a new big cat thread over six years after the last post in this one. There are ABCs about in the UK. The truth is out there. Miaow.
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  8. Seen a big cat twice. Some old duffer in front of me late one night hit the brakes, swerved violently to the left, i did the same but to the right and went round him. In front of us was a light coloured big cat stood in the middle of the road. It looked at us both for a few seconds then buggered off into the woods. Definitely a big cat of sorts. Old duffers wife was white as a sheet and had a panic attack!. Second time walking home from the pub a large cat like shape crossed the road in front of me, 20m away. The chap i sold my Disco to is a freelance game keeper and deals with animals hit by cars etc when asked by the cops. He told me of one call he had to dispatch a animal late one night in the Cotswolds. He was asked to bring his "biggest gun" by the cops. He arrived to find a very pissed off big cat, most upset at having its back leg broken by car. Job done, he began to load up the dead beastie. Cops said told him to "go home, we'll deal with the body". Apparently the carcass was taken to a incinerator and destroyed with MAFF/DEFRA watching.........thats when he went off on one about how the police cover up big cat sightings because there are so many out there the public couldn't cope and would panic!!.
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  9. It probably wasn't a big cat, more likely the syringe full of smack you'd injected into your feet.
  10. Wot with my feet.
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  11. I'll be in that!
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  12. I was walking the dogs at Home Farm (back of Minley Manor) 4 years ago when I saw something about 300 metres away that looked like a bloody kangaroo. Only problem was it had rounded ears and I couldn't see a tail. I though "wallaby, maybe", but f uck knows. It watched me until I got to within 2 hundred metres then legged it. When I got to the spot the dogs went ape shit and raced around sniffing.
  13. Most of the pussy in Brighton is self sniffing.
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  14. There are wild populations of Wallaby all over the South of England mate.