Big cars to Yeovilton!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, May 15, 2005.

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  1. I would expect to see some big cars going to Yeovilton next year, probably has something to do with 1 Regt returning. Oh how we shall laugh at the German wives bleating and moaning at the cost of living in the UK. Shortly after that I would like to welcome all the 9 Regt personnel down to Wattishame, so they can make way for 12 Mech into Dishcloth camp. I shall set up a chip shop that sells mushy peas and deep fried burgers for you all.
  2. Its not the german wives bleating that bothers me that much, its all those gobby northern oiks polluting the south!!!

    Probably will have a northern embassy in Stowmarket, dishing out emergency aid packs of brown sauce and gravy to go with the pies. :lol:
  3. SF..not convinced about the logic of your thread. Nice hand grenade into the rumour pot though!

    Now if you were to add a bit of common dog to the thread you might just get some grey matter churning for posties. Think Future Army structures and last years SDTR Next Chapter announcements from the Govt. If you read between the lines of their paper (and before someone kicks off of on was open source!!)..think homeland security and supergarrisions to support the ditching of the all arms plot. Also there are some outstanding issues from 02/03 defence review - rationalisation of airfields and in particular heli bases and the formation of a Air Manoeuvre (RDF / Light / FRES) Division - IF AM is still viable. WFM and Defence Schools. SO---

    12 Mech became 12 Light as of 06 Jan 05. I doubt if Dishcloth will have to give way just yet. However, if 4 Armd from Germany were to be relocated in the UK as 4 Mech. They of course would need estate. If I were a betting type I would guess at Scotland somewhere. Scotland will need a super-garrison for IS. So have a look not to near or far from Glasgow / Edinburgh..could be Arbroath / Dundee area. Bingo somewhere for your new amalgamated Scottish Regiments to store kilts and regy silver!

    N West UK will need a garrison accordingly to cover Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield. Ditto new Inf Regts from old Yorks / Lancs areas get new RHQ and can go home for weekends. Follow same procedure for Birmingham and Midlands. The South East & SW are generally covered with London District and SPTA area and East Anglia with Colly.

    Now think RAF fixed wing - with a bit of tyre levering, they can be squezzed into about 4-5 op bases. 1 for Transport (C17, FCA) - Brize, 1 for Strat Recce (AWACS, ASTOR, ESM R1 and MR4) - Waddo, 1 for Joint Harrier (GR9) - Cottesmore and 2 for a reduced Typhoon force - and Coningsby.

    JHF takes on all helis. All AH to Wattashame as an Avn Attack Bde, Close Odiham and Benson and send all SH to Yeovilton. Buy extra Chinnook to support Cdo Bde. All BRH go along as well. Look around for vacant possession airfield for SF and.. a plan!!
  4. As for 1 Regt returning, I would suggest not before 2008. SDR Next Chapter looks out to 2012+ Can't see much movement in Sausage Side until late this decade. Might see a reduction to a Sqn Group + though. No real justification for RHQ, HQ Sqn Wksp for about 12 airframes :(
  5. IGLA3, my info comes from a trusted source....and I dont mean the cleaner. I think that 12 Flight will become a massive home of the German Wives.
    "I cannot leave for it is to expensive in Engerland"
  6. Must be that highly efficient intelligence system known as the Wive's Club then.
  7. MG in Aug 69 we went to NI on the spearhead deployment to stop the Southern Irish army comming over the border to protect the catholics.
    At first we where told a couple of weeks, then maybe a month or two then people started getting five days emergency leave back to mainland and no one had any idea.
    The wives club had a meeting and we got the date in Feb of next year when we would return. It was one day out as due to ferry commitment the main party left one day early.
  8. It will be such a shame to no longer have that juicy LOA, are well you can always save your money for maybe a long weekend back to Germany if you can afford the fuel prices to fill up those big cars!!!!!!!!
  9. Well, Glencorse is there, so you could definitely add another battalion-sized unit to the Edinburgh area and I suppose that either RAF Lossiemouth or Kinloss could also be used as either is definitely big enough for an Armoured/Mech unit or two each. Needless to say, either Lossie or Kinloss would easily accomodate 1 Regt AAC. Cameron Barracks in Inverness could probably refurbished to accomodate a Brigade HQ and its Signal Squadron. RAF Buchan is going to close, or has closed, too and you might be able to get an Infantry battalion in there too.

    Lossie or Kinloss would also be very popular with the Poiliticians as it would bring money in to the Moray area which has recently been hit with about 2000 recent or impending local job losses.
  10. No aspirstions on your source SF..but personnel posted to PRB in 06 have been given 2-3 yr tours. Hence my guess late this decade :?
  11. So there will be a lot of short tours then!!!!
  12. SF - might be a few short tours for those who are confirmed Gutters Wallas, et al those who cannot do without petrol coupons and senf. But I stand by the logic..FAS and BH Operating Base Rationalisation (AAC restructuring wrapped up in both studies) will not report until late 05. Off to the DMB for ratification..staffers will probably get to it early 06..Govt will argue for the cheapest option...summer 06 as a guess for firm announcement...18-24 months for implementation..08. Giving a couple of years for O&D and MCM to set up for BRH ISD.
    So no secrets here..just use common dog and recall the historic timelines of re-orgs in the Army since SDR post Op Granby..painfully slow. I for one would not worry or cancel my Tax Free motor if sausage side!