Big bruvver?

Hi All,

I'm not completly sure I have all the facts here but something came to my attention recently that has given cause for concern, I'll try to explain:

a) A friend i've known for many years works for a service charity in a welfare role. I'm not sure if it's a paid position or one where he only claims expences.

b) In addition to the above he assists war pensioners inc appearing at tribunals where necessary. This to my knowledge is outside anything undertaken at para a).

c) Without putting too fine a point on it it looks like he's ruffled a few feathers by exposing incompetance @b) & is being leaned on by a) to give up the WP work.

I'd appreciate some thoughts please....
Wouldn't surprise me.


If he advised (a) of his role at (B), I'm surprised he wasn't advised to re-think his role at (a) due to potential conflict of interest!

I have just resigned from a similar unpaid position at an (a) because of potential conflict with my current (but not for much longer) employer and I have no wish to place myself or my employer in embarrassing situations. Once I'm no longer employed I may re-think my work for (a).
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