Big Brown Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Count.Dracule, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Maybe this has already been done but i thought i would throw it out to the wider audience.

    Tomorrow cyclops is giving a big speech on Afghanistan, but without policy change.

    My view is he is going to attempt to sell the plight in Afghan to the general public and nothing more, his attempt to shore up public support after, in my eyes, a very sad week. In cyclops eyes, a politically disastrous week!
  2. Not bothered....the mans a total biff.He shouldn't be allowed out of his house on his own.
  3. Yawn. The sad thing is like Car Crash TV I know I will sit and listen to his lies!
  4. As I shall not believe a single word the oaf utters, and as I start to wretch whenever I hear his voice, I shall ensure that I do not listen.

    Bigoted? Blinkered? Yes I am when it concerns the clown Brown.

    I am also disgusted that this psychotic and incompetent man is heading our government, unelected of course, destroying our finances, destroying every aspect of our nation and submitting us to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable, faceless shi1 that rules in Brussels.
  5. I was hoping he was going to announce he had some terminal illness.
  6. More sickening still will be the pasted-on faces of grim concern of the cabinet - either that or the barely-concealed faces of total indifference or sheer disdain once the word "military" is mentioned.

    If they turn up to listen.
  7. I know what i would like to hear but it is not going to happen!

    I hazard a guess that napalm and nuclear will not figure!
  8. And maybe i will win the lottery jack pot 1 day!
  9. I wonder whether we'll have to sit and listen to a 25 minute phony show of respect for the fallen?

    When watching PMQ's it always gets on my t1ts when the leaders of the three parties try to outdo eachothers show of appreciation and respect for the armed forces.

    "........ an I too would like to pay tribute to the supreme sacrifice made by...." - Fcuk off.

    How about "I've decided to actually fund the war instead of giving The defence budget the same amount of funding as we give to sorting our mates out in the banks, again."

    Brown - You're a cnut.
    Blair - You're now someone elses cnut.
    Cameron - You're gonna be a cnut.

    Enough with your worthless words. If you want us to believe you're serious about Afghanistan cut £10 Billion out of the benefits budget and pump it into The War Effort.

  10. Broon knows we will never vote for him so he doesn't care/
  11. I gave up a long time ago listening to Mr Brown & Co, too little too late & no respect what so ever
  12. It will be just another mumbled and garbled speech by the cowardly fool. He probably wont bother to pre read the speech and be burbling like the normal idiot that he looks and sounds. He never says anything that makes any sense anyway, and most of what he says turns out to be lies or deceit.

    I see that he has commented on great matters of state like the x-factor again:
  13. Be a Big Brown Speech with all the sh1t that comes out of hisgob :evil:
  14. The only good thing that will come out of his mouth is his terminal breath!
  15. A Big Speaks!!... reminds me of that other F*ktard.. Teflon Blaaare and his 'Big Speks' occasionally.

    Whats the betting Gollums McRuins is setting his stall up for the elections next year. He wants to get his in first to show how patriotic and pro-military he is.....

    He probably wont bother to pre read the speech and be burbling like the normal idiot that he looks and sounds

    ..Oh yes... indeedy...

    He is probably going to try and out manouvre the Boy Camerroony whilst he is still embroiled in the 'Referedum' thingy with the Torys Party....

    What I do hope is that McDoom will also announce his resignation.... but thats probably expecting too much....

    Hey ho... well its orft to beddy bye and ye old W*nking Charriot for some sleazy thoughts about ... now who can I conjure up tonite.... Oh b*gger..... I will have to have a look :p :oops: see through the 'Nice Ladies with Nae Clothes On' piccies again...