Big Brothers Dawn on Hunger Strike


It did cross my mind to put this on the current affairs forum, but knowing PTP it would have rapidly ended up here anyway.

Big Brother's Dawn Blake, 'exercise scientist' extraordinaire and disgraced contestant, has started a hunger strike in protest at BB's shoddy treatment of her. Her complaint: the BB production team wont let her have all the footage of her time in the house, which she says proves she was unlawfully imprisoned.

Ummm. One of the fundamental ideas of BB is that you're cut off from the outside world for about 12 weeks - something all but the dimmest of applicants must be aware of when they sign up for the show.

What is this dumb bitch on about?

Your thoughts please.

PS. I don't watch this car crash telly - I'd rather slide down a razor blade using my balls as a brake.
I'll put my hand up and say i do watch BB. This years contestands in general are failry dull as they are all media savvy and their shocking stunts are more of the norm now!

As for Dawn, i don't see she has a leg to stand on legally as she signs a disclaimer before she goes in, thus she has signed all her rights away.

She was ugly anyway!

Dawn typifies the level of individual that would opt for BB. I personally think yet again the ego has overcome the brain and this will get her more media attention.

As discussed they would have been subject to a detailed disclaimer and if they did not understand it then tough!! :lol:

Crap show with mongs, the only chuckle that I've seen so far in the brief glimpses of trailers is the Tourettes kid. :p

Just endex the show. It's full of cnuts year in, year out and no I don't watch it...
Dawn is a bloke, she wants the footage of her shuffling her meat 'n' two veg back.

I am developing Tourette's for use in selected situations at work.


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