Big Brother

I stopped watching it in 2000...... 13 years have passed and you've ever paid attention before? Sheesh!
How the hell have i got hooked on this? the psychology of it is interesting, these people must be desperate for fame
You are beyond the help of a psychologist, Broadmoor or Ashworth offer the level of service and security that you need.
I have, i will confess, in the past watched BB. I normally end up shouting at the TV and upsetting the wife but this year I have not seen/watched/read anything about this years loosers.

Do I feel any lesser for this ........... er .... of course not.

But maybe that's because i'm old fashioned.. or should I say just old.

Now better hold the door open because that nice girl with the good figure is walking down the hall , " Good morning Ms Townsend" ooooops!

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