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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by taffcraven, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Flicking throught the channels last night, ended up on Big Brother, are they showing the South African version of the Big Brother on British television? meeeoooow!

    Is the criteria's for going on the programme you have to be black, gay or just plain feckin annoying or all of those attributes?

    FFS if that is supposed to be a cross section of the nation's youth then we're feckin doomed, well done Mr Bliar, you have produced a truely multi-cunteral nation you can be proud of. :oops:
  2. I'm with you there but I am a shallow b*stard who only watchs it for the lass with the big baps. That chavvy black 'street dude' really gets on my nerves. He is an irritating little c*nt who needs a good slap. He looks like the sort who would steal your car. The shirt lifter just annoys the f*ck out of me with his BBC World Service accent and the chick with the Jackson 5 hair do, needs a good night out in the NAAFI.

    Mind you, it's about time the ethnics had a go.............we've had to put up with the shitey whitey version of all of the above,.......and fecking lesbians and TV's, for long enough.

    I think they should have a Fijiian one, with a huge carry out of Jack Daniels, couple tunes from the old country, some porn films and a game of cards...............they'd wreck that f*cking house.
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    If you wish to go on a reality TV show that makes you look like an idiot in front of the nation well you must be a cnut. Look at those tw@ts in the Armys who have done similar:

    That cnut Hewitt.
    That cnut who cheated on Who wants to be a Millionare? (can't remember his name the feckless git)
    Those splitarrses on that Guns n Roses programme. (How many are in the Army? Not many as far as I am aware, in addition, two have had affairs that I know of and 1 has had to transfer because she was hated.)

    I rest my case m'lud.
  4. I was talking about Big Brother with the Frau yesterday about Big Brother, she was laughing saying I lack the tolerance and patience to last five minutes in there with that cross section of people.

    They are all either camp, limp wristed effeminate tossers or bad attituded self opinionated scum bags.

    She asked me who I would make my allie and whom I reckon I would get on with..... the answer was none of them, I'd be a loner with an urge to wind each and everyone up until they took a swing at me.... Then I'd be completely justified in retreating to my bed space, donning my Bauer Turbo Ice skates and stamping over everyone of them.

    That stuck up black dude with the head like an eight ball needs the shine taking off his bonce with a belt sander........ grubby snapper!!!! and the Tube that wears the high heels needs throwing into the 42 Commando bar, let him come out will a belly full of custard and a botty like a catering sized empty bean tin...

    Saskia on the other hand has lost wait and is sporting a tremendous pair of norks!... Just need to hack out her voice box
  5. There was one Ex Squadie on there once, I remember him getting completely rat-ARRSE'ed calling every a tw@, ribbing them all non-stop and in the end drinking every drip of booze in the house, P1ssing in the kitchen bin and E&E out of there over the wall never to be seen again.

    ...nice one !
  6. I just watch it because I want Maxwell to punch the living sh*t out of that annoying cnut 'Science'. And because I wouldn't mind taking that Saskia out for dinner. I'd spend the night staring at those um-bongoes!
  7. If I was him......I 'd call myself something else. 'Science'? He should have called himself after something he was more familiar ASBO or Basketball .
  8. That idiot of makeup waring poof is posably the most annnoying tw@t that i have ever seen on TV. About the only good thing on Big Brother is Devina McCorre or how ever you write her name.
  9. I think it's McColl..........anyway, she's an arrsehole as well.
  10. he should get a fekin hair cut. you could loos a bloody plain in there
  11. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch Big Brother.
  12. it is like watching bloody pait dry. i dont knowhow some people can watch it so fekin riligusly
  13. They should give them a shedfull of alcohol, call Maxwell into the diary room, where they have left a baseball bat on the seat and tell him that the ASBO king has been ripping him in the diary room.

    Now that would be entertaining!

    Alternatively they could leave a rubber tyre, a jerry can of petrol and a box of windproof matches, tell maxwell he has 5 minutes to complete the command task and if he completes it, he is allowed to publicly execute two other house members and take whichever woman he wants! :twisted:
  14. Derek a Gay Balck Tory..Laffing my arse of at him. Gay Tory sounds kind of sweet....
  15. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Quote of the year has to be from Derek

    "God, that boy Science! His attitude is enough for me, as a black man, go and join the BNP" :p

    At which point, Miller was duly dispatched over the coffee table :p

    Other obs are:

    Roberto - Like most I-T's, swings both ways - the fcuking poof

    Saskia - VOL full stop. Just change her accent

    Makosy(?) - Top, top nips - <twisting motion> Mash, mash 'calling all signs, calling all signs'