Big Brother wont just watch; hell listen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Was shocked when I came across this just now:

    The Times

    I'm generally for various technologies that I think an "honest" person has nothing to be worried about. However being able to watch and record video + conversations just smacks of an invasion of privacy and could easily be used "against political opponents" if the political will/party existed.
    One step too far, I don't want some council bod listening to all my wonderful chat up lines at 2am :D

  2. Ah a massdebate..

    I dont think, really, past putting them in known hotspots for unwanted activity (outside the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Outside Nulcear plants, MOD establishments, etc, etc) that it would benefit us as a nation. Increased wagebills to cover the operators, costs of the equipment, training courses, etc etc all draining the coffers of the Police budget.. forcing more Scameras onto the roadgoing in order to bring in cash...not that that happens, honest.. The increased workload on Police as operators hit the 'oohshIt' button every half hour.. It's a recipe for disaster.
    Not to mention the uproar by the public who've been fearing Big Brother activity ever since they invented the Postal system..

    A nice idea, however nothing is free, either at the hard currency cost, or the cost of privacy.
  3. 2am? Jeez.. You have to wait til theyre really plastered before you try n chat em up? Haha. try tinternet dating. Save you a fortune in plied drinks and late night taxis back when you fail :wink:
  4. Internet dating I'd have to post a picture: at 2am in a dark club/unlight road, when they're falling over they're so hammered and if they wear glasses you take them off it means I stand half a chance!! Also the quality of chatup lines isn't so important :D Still don't want some fat, overpaid council worker nicking them though.

    Also, with this technology detecting volume, pitch, tone etc I'd be arrested all the time for calling my mates cnuts and all my other mates a bunch of tree-hugging fcuking communists (I get mildly abusive, in a friendly way, when drunk)
  5. Try Roofies, mate. Faster than chat up lines and less expensive; you only have to buy her one drink...
  6. I suppose the next step is some sort of electronic incapacitator(?spelling) to stun the loadmouthed yobs etc slagging their mates off,attached to the camera?

    YOU CNUT.................ZAAAAAPPPPP!!!

    Where will it end,where´s this going,can they hear through your bedroom curtains?