Big Brother - well thats a bit of a bugger!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Schaden, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Wayne Rooney's cousins have reportedly missed out on starring in Big Brother 9.

    Stephen, a gay cross-dresser, and Natalie - who flashed her breasts at the paparazzi at Coleen's 21st birthday party - failed to make it into the final lineup for this year's

    Natalie, 18, recently had her breasts enlarged to a 32F while Stephen, 24, has a penchant for dressing up as Ginger Spice.

    They'll be missed....
  2. You do realise its an unwritten rule that we dont mention anything to do with that prog on this site dont you? :roll:
  3. Really? We'll try to remember that Flash :twisted:

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  4. more utter shite of a shite idea for the 9th shite time do they not realise its shite!!!!

  5. I think it is a great show but the format is a bit tired, so they should bring in some of the Arrse's finest creative minds...

    Now I was thinking that "24" is a very popular show. So we put timed explosive devices on the "house-mates" and then they have to do challenges in order to get the deactivation codes. Count all the Wongs in the HK phone book for example? Time allocated? Ten minutes.

    Any other good ideas for improving the show?
  6. Hmmmm shite it may be but it makes huge sums from the chavmongs who phone and text ch4, it's good sport watchin some utter idiot wannabee crackin up mentally, oh and some of the t!ts in the are nice too!!!!
    mmm ok...wheres me coat...... TAXIIIII!!!!
  7. combine with sas are you tough enough :twisted:

    chav mongs die on brecon :D
  8. Do you really want dead chavs spoiling some beautiful contryside?....who know's what sort of chemicals and poisons their bodies release on death...
  9. Combine with Gladiators, re-name The Running Mongs, set it in a Chav sink-estate surronded by razor wire and armed sentries.

    Housemates are set loose in the estate, hunted by the Gladiators and gangs of starving, cannibal Chavs. :twisted:

    Gladiators swap the pugil sticks for BFO swords, axes etc.
  10. Why not just make the Big Brother house airtight and pump the chemicals and poisons into it? Of course, some of the burds could be made airtight beforehand. Purely as an NBC precaution.

    If that seems a bit extreme, we could just have their vocal cords slit like lab beagles. I'm prepared to compromise.
  11. Hey BB is keeping a couple of ex squaddie CP mates in employment........notice I never said the word "gainful" :)
  12. Yes - throw in MDN, OF&H, Flashy and few other Arrsers when it looks as though the "contestants" look like they are getting too complacent.
    You never know a bit of beasting, beating and beastiality might spark it up a bit
  13. Theres an ex army captain who was called Ian who was rather nice looking as a guy.

    she is now called Jan.I dont normally watch it but might just have a nosy now.
  14. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    How about board up all the doors and windows late one night, then auction a special limited edition molotov cocktail for charity (charitey? God I am spelling like a right mong).

    Price of timber and nails, £100 (need to make sure they can't get out after all)

    Price for heat resitant cameras and microphones, God knows probably tens of thousands

    Watching 10-12 talentless wanabe chavs dying in firery agony? Deffinately priceless.
  15. That's just totally "wong", Cuddles.

    Totally wong, but then again in so many ways, absolutely "wight"!