Big Brother watching you number 2


Welsh education authority has installed CCTV cameras in the school loo's

BBC Mid Wales Story

Big Brother really is here :)

conversley the father concerned would be withdrawing his kids from school if they were receiving a beating in the toilets every day!


I actually agree with the father on this one, a massive invasion of privacy by the council, I thought the installation of CCTV in changing rooms and toilet areas was illegal? I would not be happy if it were my kids.

Also, anyone working with either children or the vulnerable has to have a CRB check every 12 months, it doesn't stop them being perverts (not that I am saying teachers are perverts), it just means (if they are) then they have never been caught!
As i understand it, it is not illegal to put CCTV in toilet areas or changing rooms, only the actual cubicle.
Standing by to be corrected.


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Why not have properly trained staff to patrol the toilets if they are that dangerous? Surely there can't that many loos in the school. If I thought that was happening at my kids (when they were of school age) school then I too would have withdrawn them until sense had returned to the authorities running the school.

Given the record for data and information going missing in this country I don't think that these cameras are a good idea.

p.s. when are the dvds coming out?


school does it. for the saftey of the children, PO does it in Pompey.... sex offender/pervert/lock him up
got to be one rule for all, cctv in toilets or changing rooms is just not on. as paleblue says not all sex offenders are registered.
CCTV Today, Central Childrens Database tomorrow.

Almost 400,000 people will have access to a controversial new database containing the details of every child in England, a minister has said.

ContactPoint, a £224 million directory, containing the name, address, date of birth, GP and school of all under 18s - as well as the name and contact details of any professional working with a child, is being rolled out.

Parents will not have the option of requesting that their child is removed from the list, Children's Minister Baroness Delyth Morgan said.

She said ContactPoint was a "universal" directory containing information pooled from sources already available to ensure no child "slips through the net".

In total around 390,000 people will have access to the database, Baroness Morgan said. This includes local authorities, Government agencies, the police, the NHS and some children's charities.

Children at risk of significant harm, such as victims of domestic abuse will be able to have details like their address "shielded" so they cannot be seen.

Officials said hundreds of children in each local authority could have their details shielded.

The ContactPoint database has been established in response to a key recommendation of the Laming Inquiry into the tragic death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in 2000.

The project has been subject to several delays due to concerns over data security and technical issues.

It has attracted controversy from the outset with civil liberties groups, children's campaigners and the Office of the Information Commissioner expressing concerns about its scope and role.



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