Big Brother Turkish style........or not.

I just spotted this over on Yahoo news.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Turkish military police said Thursday that they had stormed an Istanbul villa to rescue nine women held captive after being tricked into believing they were reality show contestants.
The women were rescued on Monday in the villa in Riva, a summer resort on the outskirts of Istanbul, a spokesman for the military police in the region who carried out the raid told The Associated Press. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give details of the raid to the media. He said the women were held captive for around two months but refused to provide further details.
The women were made to believe they were being filmed for a Big Brother-type television show, the private Dogan news agency and other news reports said, without citing sources. Instead, their naked images were sold on the Internet, the reports said.
Rest of the article here:

You've got to give the guys who dreamed this one up some credit for this one. How else could you kidnap 9 birds at once and keep them captive for two months without anyone contacting the police? Brilliant!

The girls were very lucky indeed that it wasn't worse than it was. Anything could have happened to them.

Just goes to show that naivity and a desire to be famous can be a dangerous combination.



Kit Reviewer
Genius! Wonder what sort of tasks they set them...
See, if you'd made COP platoon you'd already have the links to the websites their naked images were sold to.

Send a boy to do a man's job...

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