Big Brother to watch who buys alcohol

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Herrumph, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. The latest bit of legislation to make us safer in our beds is to allow Local Councils to insist that all retailers of alcohol fit CCTV. Police will be allowed to demand films which retailer must keep for 60 days. Code of Conduct can apply to supermarkets, corner shops, off-licenses and pubs. It is part of the Police and Crime Bill due to be pushed through next week.

    It is reported in the Mail, but that doesn't mean it is untrue.

    More invasion of privacy all in the name of public safety and security. Where will this end?
  2. So they gonna put trackers on each bottle too?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    To catch chavs underage drinking, and threaten (but not actually do) retailers with being shut down.

    Ho Hum.

    They should all have CCTV to aid the prevention/investigation of crime anyway. Not really 'news' is it?
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    an actual sensible move for a change!
  5. Take it you don't have to put up with drunken teenage ********* anywhere near you live?
    Working in retail I know a lot of small off licenses serve teenagers through intimdation from the teenagers.
    If cameras are to be introduced, some covering the outside of the store to help keep them away and to prevent them mithering adult customers approaching store to buy alcohol would be useful.
  6. i think that the UK should destroy whatever is in the perfect centre of our country and create a giant colliseum where all of the worlds criminals, chavs, emo's and general knobs are thrown into the deathpit. That way the only tax that we have to pay is to maintain the said colliseum and transport to and from.

    this will also aid in destroying the lazy tax wasters. Also to appease the PC brigade (if we dont just throw them in there) we give each person a consensus: a) sign this form to fight in the pit and if you win 10 times you are free to go or b) spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement in prison. country sorted and this will also be a large tourist attraction thus resolving the financial crisis.

    Vote Zed for PM!!
  7. Won't affect me, I just pop into the barn and get mine from the still! (Tax Free)
  8. How do you work that out? Are you going to be ID'd by Gupta whilst buying your eight ace? Is he going to record your passport details and address every time you ask for alcohol? No. So there's no invasion of YOUR privacy at all.
    It'll just discourage the underage drinkers from going in, and will discourage Mr Gupta from selling to said kids without proper proof of age.

    If you live in an area like mine, it's a welcome measure. Anything to stop my local 14 year olds thinking it's okay to roam the streets having a go at adults.
  9. Now.... an ideal world, this scheme will be used to deter the Chantelles and Dwaynes who buy booze under age, and create all sorts of mayhem. reality, in our People's Paradise, it will be used to track middle age wine drinkers, employing facial recognition systems. If you buy more than two bottles in a week, the face of Tessa Jowell/Harriet Harman/Jacqui Smith (or another Liabour harpy) will appear, shrieking "DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE BINGE DRINKING!!!!" The chavs and chavettes will continue to buy their alco-pops and cheap cider because of their "yuman rights".

  10. They could rent out private boxes, like in the theatre, each one equiped with different weapons.

    Hmm..let's take the box with the .50 cal tonight, and when we order drinks later we'll ask for a box of grenades and see who can throw the furthest.
  11. On the surface, it sounds like a sensible solution, but the problem is it is just one more step towards totalitarism (a modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in all facets of society, including the daily life of its citizens).
  12. How many offie's, shops/supermarkets DONT have cctv already? Not many at a guess.
  13. Quite, and not many rural pubs do either... yet. Before long EVERY alcohol retailing outlet will require CCTV by law - including the Fox & Gusset in Middle-of-Nowhereshire, that has never had (and is unlikely ever to have) a chav problem.

    It also will not be very long until each such outlet is required to demand ID... by law - regardless of you being a zimmerframe-bound centenarian. This is ALREADY happening elsewhere in the UK. It's also a superb way of introducing ID cards, as those without passports and driving licenses will have NO OTHER OPTION but to submit... or lay off the Ace.

    People will become so hacked off with demands for valid ID that they will welcome Big Brother in to their hearts instead of firing off missives to the Telegraph and Mail.

    Accepting Big Brother is not enough. You must LOVE HIM!

    Paranoid of Derwentwater
  14. Why do we need to be observed everywhere we go? Our streets already have more CCTVs per capita than most, if not all, civilised countries in the world. Do we all feel safer as a result? For every lowlife caught and sentenced as a result of CCTV evidence there are far more who don't get identified for a variety of reasons.

    Perhaps we might have safer streets if the police were out walking the beat. Maybe we should stop encouraging the public to turn a blind-eye to anti-social and criminal behaviour. Shouldn't prevention of crime be a higher priority than easier to measure results like speeding and the myriad of new crimes added to the statute book over last decade.

    Of course the law isn't intended to make every outlet to have CCTV, but will the petty enforcers in local councils be able to resist forcing it on everyone? It will be compulsory at entrances, at the bars, in the dark corners, in the beer garden, in the car-park. How long before it is being used to catch possible drunk drivers, disruption to neighbouring gardens, enforcement of licensing hours, kids playing fruit machines, betting on the dominoes, checking you didn't actually lightup tabs before you got into the authorised smoking area. Landlords will start checking your age, asking if you are driving and watching all their customers more closely because the camera will be on.

    Finally who will pay for it all - the council? No you the customer, that's if even more landlords don't just pack it in alltogether

  15. Basically like Jason Stathams film Deathrace. I agreee fully. I'd love to see that...

    Vote Zed for PM !!! :L :L